British Soldier 'Kept Taliban Body Parts'

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dinners In The Dog, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. The Ministry of Defence is investigating reports that a soldier kept the fingers of dead Taliban insurgents as "souvenirs".

    It is believed the soldier is a member of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, the 5th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    The Regiment last served in Afghanistan between September 2010 and April of this year.

    They were based in Helmand Province, where they were heavily involved with training local police.

    The allegations are now being examined by the MoD's special investigations branch.

    A spokesman said: "This is a very serious allegation and it would be wrong for us to comment. An investigation is ongoing."

    In July 2010 a Ghurka soldier was ordered back to the UK after he cut off the head of a dead Taliban commander.

    The incident happened after his unit was told they must prove they had killed the right man.

    Taliban 'Souvenirs': MoD Investigates Claim British Soldier Kept Body Parts Of Dead Fighters | UK News | Sky News
  2. Done twice already today.
  3. had a quick look but couldn't find anything...
  4. Heads? Fingers? It's sheer bloody anarchy. EARS are what used to be collected.
  5. Kids of today, no sense of tradition.
  6. Damn sight easier to dry out ears. Methinks fingers would stink pretty quickly!
  7. Nothing looks as ally as a nice string of ears on the section commanders belt, as you casually patrol down the falls road on a saturday night, this tradition i believe was started by tropper one cold wet night, and is continued to this day, but how it got relegated to fingers i have no idea.
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  8. he could of been a jack b*stard and cut up the fingers for ear plugs to sleep through incoming mortars during the night? maybe he was collecting them to make a human jenga set? lol
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  9. No sense full stop. How do they expect to display a collection of fingers? I suppose a cartridge belt would do it - look a bit comical though.
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  10. could of been stuck to the band on his helmet? :)
  11. Yeah, but you can't wear your lid down the pub on leave can you.
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  12. oh i dunno, theres some very dedicated troops out there who take their work home with them lol
  13. Perhaps this is a solution to the joys of skiffing, without the hygiene issues associated with sticking ones own finger in poop?
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  14. The stock produced from fingers is better than ears. More meat you see, that's what yer stock needs, meat and not cartilage.
  15. Ear, ear! :)
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