British Soldier Jailed For Stealing Ammo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    A soldier has been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to stealing and illegally possessing ammunition which he kept after a training exercise.

    A judge told Pte Christopher Trussler that he had betrayed the trust of the armed forces and brought disgrace upon his regiment.

    Last month Trussler, 29, admitted two charges of illegally possessing and stealing 21 rounds of 9mm ammunition on May 24, contrary to the Firearms Act 1968.

    Sentencing him at Chichester Crown Court, Judge Anthony Thorpe told him: "You had no way of knowing what those 21 rounds could have resulted in.

    "The offences are aggravated by the fact that you are a serving member of the armed forces."

    More follows...

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Rather nicely rounded off:

    His defence counsel previously said in mitigation he "forgot he had [the ammunition] on him, then tried to sell it on".

    Trussler has several previous convictions dating back to 1996, for offences including theft, burglary and drink-driving.
  3. Trussler has several previous convictions dating back to 1996, for offences including theft, burglary and drink-driving.

    A. How did he manage to join? or

    B. If he committed the above whilst serving how come he remained in?
  4. And how did he manage to stay in the Military after being charged for theft!
  5. Astonished is an understatement.

    How the fcuk was this scrote allowed to stay in after the second, let alone first offence if they occurred whilst serving.

    If they were on the books before joining, how the hell did he get through vetting?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    3 years, nice job. Hope he gets thoroughly bummed, or will he be in military prison?
  7. brought disgrace on your regiment."

  8. Make the punishment fit the crime, build a big bonfire and put all the ammo he nicked under it, sit him on the top and strike match.

    That way if it was only a couple of rounds that fell out into his ammo pouch (and be honest who has never had any buckshie rounds after range day, most of us just hand them in later), but if it is just a few rounds then he'll probably survive with minor burns.
    If however he tried to have it away with a squadron attacks worth of ammo then he may not make it back down alive.

    It's people like him that are putting that ammo into the hands of 10 year old kids in S. London, Liverpool and Manchester. The muppet should've been charged with aiding and abbetting murder by supplying the means.

    Does anyone know if he is going to mil or civvie nick, in a mil nick he will be treated to the shoeing he royally deserves, in a civvie one he will probably be treated as a hero.
  9. Dont know what the problem is.... probably wanted to sell them to the gangstas.... in which case he's doing us a service as they all shoot each other and thats a good thing... good on you mate, good luck with the KY.....
  10. You all appear to be missing the point about the ammunition!!!!! Where the h*ll did he find spare ammo?
    Second why send the T**er to prison to be fed three times aday and live in hardened accommodation at our expence.
    We should round up people like that and send them to Afgan in the closest FOB to the T. That would act as a deterant and also save us money when they get shot!
  11. Oh and send defence councils as well cause most of them are O2 theives as well defending these scum!
  12. My bold

    Apart from the innocent bystanders - recent news, 11 year old boy, ring any bells?
  13. I remember one pad who was done for theft from single guys lockers 4 times (only ended up in colly once, busted back from LCpl, fined and jailed all 4 times) and he was allowed to stay in.

    I think although most of the time the system doesn't let repeat offenders at this level stay in. Recruitment and retention might have something to do with this.

    At the time this pad was doing his self enrichment program my regiment was about 50 under strength.
  14. Bull sh*t.

    Isn't that perjury?

    We all have to check our kit to make sure we haven't anything on us before we make the usual declaration.