British Soldier in Afghanistan - "Tea Bagged"

Guardsman Ben Ralph, 20, has reportedly been bit by bullets in his back, side, his trousers and ammunition pouches.
But Mr Ralph, of 2 Company 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, has survived with not even a scratch.
The solider, from Birmingham, is currently serving in Gereshk, Helmand province, when he came under fire.
“Someone was watching out for me that day,” he told The Sun.
He told the newspaper that he come under fire from three sides by at least six member of the Taliban. The first bullet struck him from behind knocking him over.

“It went through the water pouch on my back. Water was pouring down my legs,” he said.
“For one terrible second I thought it was blood.
“If it wasn’t for my body armour I would be dead.
“After we were ambushed we got right back at them.”
He added: “The Taliban did not win that day.”
A total of 348 UK military personnel have died since operations in Afghanistan began in 2001

Linky: Afghanistan: 'Tea bag' solider survives after being shot five times by Taliban - Telegraph
Very lucky, although if his unit read that press release he might be gaining a new nickname?
I thought from the thread title that he had been drying out teabags in the sun and selling them to the locals, then been chased around a village when they found out. I've heard of it happening in pre-teabag days in India, Egypt and Aden.
I'm clearly of a different generation to the author of that article. What does tea-bagging mean in the non-bollock related sense?
In the case of this story, think of the old Tetley ad which talked about 2000 perforations...
In the case of this story, think of the old Tetley ad which talked about 2000 perforations...
Ah, that makes sense. I figured it had to be a more specific reference than just something with lots of holes in.

Lucky bastard though, I'd get someone back home to buy a lottery ticket for me in that situation.

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