British Soldier found dead in Cyprus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ghost_Rider, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Reuters UK report that a teenager was found dead in his barracks (Episkopi) early this morning.

    How sad :cry: Commiserations to the family.....

  2. Thoughts with the family.

  3. RIP - very sad news
  4. RIP
  5. My thoughts are with his family

    Ne Obliviscaris
  6. R.I.P.

    Poor soul to have felt the need to do it, but my thoughts are with those he's left behind.

    I hope upon hope that the press show restraint and don't start a hysterical witch-hunt before the proper enquiry is held.
  7. Personally I feel that suicide is the most selfish act anyone can do, unless you tell your nearest and dearest exactly why, (for serious disease etc. I can understand it), however "I just can't cope" seems the ultimate cop out. I knew one bloke who ended it all because he got a dear john, ruined two families and affected others (me) for the rest of our lives, what with guilt etc and could we have done something more to stop it.

    I have thought about it a long time and no, there was nothing that anyone could have done, he had made his decision and no one could have stopped him, (a solid shot into the mouth does not leave much room for the paramedics) So for the pain that it caused me and the others then "fu"k him, fu"k him till all eternity, don't leave your guilt by putting it on everyone else, because that what you do.

    Nothing is that bad, and to do it on active service is the ultimate betrayal. To tell your comrades that they are not good enough to support you through an emotional situation is the ultimate slap in the face, how dare anyone on active service commit such an act when there is a myriad of support services avaliable and more importantly when you leave such an emotional mess behind. RIP not him, but to his friends: accept there was nothing you could do, the fault was not yours but his.
  8. I personally find your statement a sanctimonious lot of claptrap. I hope you never find yourself down in the depths of despair that you would contemplate taking your own life. you are airing out your own guilt here, do not put it out on others, we know nothing of the facts whys or anything else. it could be his comrades behaviour that caused this.

    I suggest you do not judge on what we do not know.

    RIP Young Fellow, condolences to Family and friends.
  9. Akira, you've obviously suffered a loss in the past. I don't know the circumstances of your loss, just as I don't know the circumstances of this one. What I do know is that friends and family will be upset enough anyway without blaming the dead.

    Rest easy young fella.

  10. You don't know? Let's not guess what on earth would push a young kid to take his own life... to him, whatever it was it was more than bad.
  11. It's sad when someone so young feels death is the only way out but it's worse on the family I agree - their the ones who will ask why and have to live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives. For that reason my thoughts are not with him but with his family, may your grief bring you strength to deal with life and it's falls.
  12. Can't believe my reply was deleted , will answer tomorrow.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Passing Bells on this one. Don't pass judgement on everybody, Akirara, just because you happen to have experienced the same. The "same" can also be very different in a lot of cases.
    Shouldn't we take things as they lie and not judge before time?

  14. I am not judging, merely saying that these days with the myriad of support groups avaliable in every theatre, that suicide (if that's what is was) is the most extrreme action to take. As I have already said IMHO it leaves nothing but sadness (and guilt) behind. I cannot concieve (barring terminal illness) what would be bad enough to take one's own life.
    There is no excuse for not seeking help, there are specialists in every theatre, who are ready to give support. To do what he did (if it was suicide) is completly selfish. How are his mates feeling now, are they second guessing themselves, are they 100% focussed on what they should be doing, I would say not. That is the reason I call it selfish, he has gone, but instead of leaving with another taking his place he has left a huge hole in the unit he has left behind, dear god the job is difficult enough without this sort of additional pressure.