British sniper foils Taliban attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldcolt, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Well done that man! linky
  2. But he Missed!?! :D

    Quick thinking, good job.
  3. cracking straight from the MOD propoganda wagon - but fair one all the same
  4. Good stuff.

    "We'll go back for the gunman another time"
    i.e, "I wish he copped him" :)

    But in all seriousness, good drills that man.
  5. Unarmed or not. If a soldier feels an individual is a threat to life then he can be lethally engaged. In this case, because the individual was directing gunfire he is a threat to life. Afghanistan is heading down that road where we pussyfoot around the enemy.
  6. Good work by corporal Danny. Keeping a cool head and thinking quickly with his mates under fire.

    Nice one!
  8. I agree that bombing the fuck out of everywhere is not the road to go down but in this case the enemy directing fire should have had a round between his eyes. Bad skills by the sniper if you ask me. Innocent civvies don't direct fire or stand around in a contact. I don't know anyone in my unit who would have just fired a warning shot in this instance.
  9. Perhaps he just missed?
  10. Yep, perhaps he did. Dickers or anyone can be lethally engaged if they pose a threat to life to coalition forces or ANSF.
  11. Although I agree the dicker should have been slotted.

    Maybe the sniper had the presence of mind to realise that, even if he was within the ROE he may have been caught up in investigations and interrogations for months until the do-gooders were satisfied.

  12. There wouldn't have been any investigation. It's not at the NI (let's bumlick the terrorists) at present though will eventually go that way.