British ships banned from docking in Buenos Aires.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Oh noes, the argies are coming and we is doomed coz we haz no carrierz and harrierz!!!
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  2. All they're doing is preventing cash coming in to their country...
  3. We have to take into account the regional response from that part of the world on whatever action we may consider appropriate but we should make some noises about just banning Argentine ships from docking in British and British dependency ports. See who it hurt's the most! Easy really. Just how much trade do we actually do with them anyway?
  4. Actually, I believe that we should rise above the tantrums of KFC and refrain from applying a counter-boycot.
  5. All rather sad and pathetic from Argentina, most ships sail under flags of convenience, I rather think any involved in exploration will just up and change flags if it is necessary to dock in Argentina. They really are a childish bunch in government in Argentina, if they worked with the Falkland Isles, they would generate revenue and employment.
  6. Mmm, following on from the story about the war cemetery vandalism, do you think it's possible for a whole country to resemble a small attention-seeking child? Maybe they're getting frustrated because none of their sportsmen have yet had an opportunity to make a spectacle of themselves at a medal presentation- despite that arduous Falkland Island training camp.
  7. Their lack of medals is surprising...

    Given all their training on the Falklands, you'd have thought they were 'aclimatised' to win on British soil.
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  8. Argentine exports to the UK totalled 805 million dollars, while imports reached 655 million dollars with a surplus for Argentina of 150 million dollars.
    The main Argentine exports to the UK are soy oil, soy flour, wine, corn, oil pipes, some chemical products and peanuts
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Should read 'ships wearing the Red Ensign' but there you go ..
  10. They are only hurting themselves, the daft *****.
  11. To be fair, the last time they did any real running was 1982.
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  12. And the next crazy move is?

    When is that woman and her followers going to learn that their obcession with the Falkland Islands is abjectily stupid and devastating their country's economy. As for Patricia Cubría, disciple of the "Beloved Christina" and instigator of this latest fiasco, was not even born when the last conflict occurred Maybe she has been brainwashed!!!.

  13. The flag state of a ship is different from flying the Red Ensign.

    Where a ship is registered in the UK it is said to be a British ship, or sail under a British flag. Note that a ship registered in the Isle of Man is not a "British ship" but could fly the Red Ensign.

    The Red Ensign is the ensign of the British Merchant Navy. Not all ships that are registered in the UK choose to or are compelled to fly the Red Ensign.
  14. Mybe the people of Argentina should ask their president to start doing her job and rule the country instead of wasting her time chasing a pipe dream to divert their attention from the shit job she is doing. However, it appears that people of Argentina are stupid and just go along with whatever their leaders say without question.