British SF free Brit Hostage & Her Coworkers.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by FNUSNU, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. PM Cameron say hostage takers can expect "swift & brutal" end.
  2. Now what would those who embrace elf an safffftey, pinko huggy bunnies and its against their uman rights say, its dangerous to play with guns you know. My reply in the words of Mark Urbans book, 'Big boys games big boys rules' if you cant take a joke don't go kidnapping people.

    Good on UKSF and their allies, visiting extreme violence on others that are not nice people.
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  3. Yeah all good stuff, its just a pity these aid worker types didn't have the ****ing common sense they were born with to keep out of these places and stop putting mens lives at risk to get them out of the shit they have got themselves into.

    That ungrateful bastard Brian Keenan springs to mind again.
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  4. In all seriousness, what would they be likely to say? Think about it.
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  5. And then HMG can be sued by their relatives (who are probably in London anyway) and we'll pay out?

    Grandstanding knob.

    Good effort by the troops who are all safe and well with luck, shame about the political leadership.
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  6. It was that political leadership that gave the go-ahead for this operation not knowing what the outcome would be.
  7. Er, it would be a bit pointless for aid organisations to only go to areas with minimal or no risk, as the whole point is for them to aid those were there is no or little other choice.
    They also provide a non military Western presence which may go some way to ameliorate the excesses of some in green.

    WTF has he got to be grateful about? Chained to a radiator for over 4 years and because UK/US refused to negotiate with Terrorists, rightly IMO, they would have no contact with his captors.
    The Irish Govt were instrumental in gaining his release, and they got his thanks I believe.
    Would you be grateful to a Country who's passport you held who did nothing for you when you were in need?

    Well done to the rescue team, no need for counselling for surviving kidnappers it would seem.
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  8. Perhaps you mean Norman Kember?
  9. Agreed - the easy (spineless) option would have been for him to do nothing and then go on TV waffling about "a dangerous environment in which the risks must be clearly understood before etc etc".

    Given that a Brit and an Italian were recently killed in a rescue attempt in Nigeria (in which there was a rather vague involvement of British Forces) I think Cameron made a brave and correct decision.

    And publicly stating kidnappers can expect a "swift & brutal" end is better than the shite about human rights we have had foisted upon us in recent years.
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  10. Hopefully some of the Somalian Pirates can expect a bit of a hosing.
  11. ISTR that Brian "Cinderella" Keenan had an Irish passport.
  12. Belfast born, UK and Irish Passports held.
  13. Damn right.
  14. Now give the former hostages the bill!
  15. Quite true, and your point is well taken.

    The same leadership that ties itself up in knots for over a decade with one Jordanian loon in London (and there are plenty more).

    There's plenty more being swept under the carpet whilst our leaders trumpet other people's success and professionalism.

    As to Somalia, I wouldn't hold your breath. We appead to have out-sourced security on the sea (once the job of the navy)

    Cuts force Royal Navy to drop Somalia piracy patrol | UK news |

    And internally, well....

    BBC News - Four facing conspiracy charges over khat allegations

    4 our of 7 arrested were charged with "conspiracy over the alleged mis-description of parcels for export", and one lad for fraud by false representation. It started in a blaze of khat funding al-shabab, no wonder the terrorism laws are brought into disrupte.

    (And yes, I am aware that disruption comes in many forms and so on, just the point I seek to make is that our leaders gran and hold on to an excellent bit of soldiering by others to demonstrate their own capability as a "leader").

    But nothing should detract from the skill and professionalism of the persons who carried out this operation.

    Thoroughly well done, and one hopes the persons detained make swift recoveries from the strain.