British security contractor. Death penalty - Iraq.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. So one bloke shoots a few others, gets arrested and realises that Iraq is not the UK and he might actually get punished for it. Oops.
  2. A murderer is a murderer and Iraq has suitable punishment for that crime, unlike here.
  3. My question is..

    The article makes no mention of any former service. Is he just some tw@t who loves guns and glory? Is he an fine example of ambition without training?

    I don't know anything about the security circuit. Thought some here will though. Dont the firms require ex-service as a pre-requisite?? To my 'uneducated in these matters' mind he seems like a chav twat who just wanted to "large it". Inan environment, not totally without risk but where he thought he could pull it off.

    I stand by to be corrected.
  4. All he has to do is make himself pregnant and the FCO will get him back to the UK toot sweet, as they say in...well somewhere.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ex Para some reports were saying - 2 Para I think...
    Mr Fitzsimons posted details about his military past on a Facebook page set up to honour fallen service personnel. He tells of his time in 2 Para and his 3½ years in private security work. He advises soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan: "Stay safe and to those who will return to fight a different battle ... A war inside your head
  6. Apparently he spent 8 years in 2 PARA
  7. Not quite, seeing as he was in 2RRF in the late 90's (and was widely regarded as being a cnut)
  8. Article I read said he was ex-para, but later mentioned ex-fusileer. Sounds like you know of him , social?
  9. If he has confessed in Court as it appears and that confession was freely made then there isn't really an awful lot more to say.
  10. Only vaugely (was in the same company) but several mates remember him very well....

    Pretty much sums it up i think!
  11. It was a circus when the cheque books first came out.
    Doormen, event security types, civvys with cornflake box quals went, and as mad as it sounds all manner of support arm experienced soldiers.
    You had the unenviable situation whereby clients were being 'protected' by ex drivers, VM's, TA bods, all unfamiliar with the AO, untrained, badly sourced kit/weapons/vehicles. The individuals who were of the 'ilk' were tasked with managing teams that had little to no base level skill, contact drills, basic trauma management, evasive driving were all taught 'in theatre' in some cases, and the need to earn money pretty much ensured that within a couple of days of you tipping up you were out on tasking.
    It got pulled into line somewhat, try and bluff your way into Aegis and you'll see what I mean, but I still had the pleasure of having a wet in Kabul with a Gordon Highlander who had been out 18 years and had been working in a power station since, nice bloke but that last time he took his safety off was in Derry when bomber jackets were de riguer.
    If you havent the background, skillset or experience then forget it. A lot of redfaces have gotten as far as KAF and the COB only to be whistled back out of theatre next day.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I guess you haven't been following this tale of woe:

    For some, if they don't have military experience or training just make it up.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Relatively few contractors out there are doing true CP work. Convoy protection, static guards, general FP duties etc make up a lot of the work.

    The reputable firms have very stringent recruitment criteria now, much tighter than they were in the Gold Rush of 2003/2004.