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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bakerlite, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Polar bear kills British boy in Norway, hurts four.

    Remember when far off places meant adventure training?

    "Everyone who hikes or skis in remote areas of Svalbard is advised to carry a gun. We strongly recommend that folks who are out in the field take a rifle or shotgun with sufficiently powerful ammunition." Liv Asta Oedegaard, a spokeswoman for the Svalbard governor's office said yesterday.

    Sounds like sloppy drills by DS or perhaps just bad luck.

    Polar bear kills British boy in Norway, hurts four | Reuters
  2. Guns have no place in modern British culture.
  3. It appears the flares around the camp did not go off (they are a bit like penflares, but they have small explosion after about 30m), its possible the safety was left in or that bad luck meant the did not go off. I would suspect its likely to be the former, as it usual to only take them out when the group is asleep(yes it was early morning, but due to 24hr sunlight groups often move at night).

    Even if the flares did go off, the bear could still have killed before being stopped. The rifle they were using was the K98k with soft nosed rounds, but even with that stopping a bear the size of a small car is not instant. Especially if a few rounds miss.

    The army says AT develops people through their exposure to controlled danger, and even with certain controls that danger still exists. BSES have a great safety record, miles ahead of groups like "cowboy challenge" (AKA world challenge). We should not let this tragic even stop all of their good work.
    If your wondering where i got my information from i spend a good few months on the island myself, and had alot of contact with BSES.
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  4. Been a bit blow out of proportion this happened on Wednesday

    In a sobering reminder that bears are the bosses of the backcountry, one person was killed and two others injured in a grizzly bear attack Wednesday at the heavily occupied Soda Butte campground just outside Yellowstone National Park.

    Montana bear attack puts hikers and campers on alert -
  5. There is a serious joke in the US.

    Hiker: How do I keep bears away?

    Ranger: Put some bells on your rucksack and that'll keep them away.

    Hiker: Ok, thanks. But how do I know if bears are around?

    Ranger: Look for bear shit (shows picture). If it looks like this (points at picture) there are brown bear around, but if you find any like this with bells in it there are grizzly around.

    Note: If you put small bells on a rucksack so they ring as you walk they keep the bears away as they are shy creatures. Just don't let them smell food though 'cos they will rip you apart to take it from you. One of my little uns teachers has bears visit her garden regularly to bin dive for left overs.

    There are brown bear, here in Florida, mainly in the central area but they do wander. We also have rattlesnakes and a couple of other lovelies, which is why I keep the shotgun handy, particularly as my next but one neighbour topped a 6 foot rattler in his back garden last month.........rattlers don't cope well with shot.
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  6. Whether it was bad luck or sloppy drills, condolences to the family.
  7. A mate in the States keeps a S&W .44 Magnum with a shot shell as the first round on his hunting trips. His theory is that the shot can be used to deal with a snake or discharged & then proper rounds used if anything bigger approaches. Don't think he's tested the theory, though!
  8. You are allowed to go openly tooled up in many states if you are: Camping; fishing; hunting. Which is a little buttock clenching when going for a sunday stroll in the forest and suddenly coming across a group all carrying either pumps or M4's with pistols on their belts. I found out afterwards that people don't so much go tooled up in case of bear, rather there are meth labs in the forest and the producers are a little trigger happy if you get too close.

    For anyone visiting Florida, there are: bears; big rattlers; little sand rattlers; cottonmouths; a variety of other poisonous snakes; scorpions; black widows; a couple of types of lion/big cat; coyotes; and if you go down to the everglades it is teeming with Burmese pythons and anaconda - these are not a local species, rather they are released pets and there is open season on them because there are so many; not to forget alligators, all open air water in Florida must be treated as if alligators are present (saw one yesterday). These creatures are not a danger ordinarily as they stay away from built up areas, sometimes though you will see a snake - keep away they may not all be poisonous but I've been told they feckin hurt when they bite.
  9. Said mate hunts in Africa, I forgot to add!
  10. This sad, tragic, tale.

    I congratulate Arrssers for not blaming this awful misadventure on either: Eton College or Mrs. Thatcher!

    PS: Doubtless the 'Limp/Dims', the 'Elf & Safty twerps will be crawling all over the tragedy pretty soon.