British sandwiches invade france

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by YetAnotherRock, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    been coming to France off and on for years now, but over the last year i've really noticed that shit pre-packed sandwiches are really taking off over here, meaning i can eat garage forecourt style on both sides of the channel.

    i hope Cameron realises he could damage this revenue stream by pulling out of the EU

    discuss and sorry for the shit thread...been on the lash
  2. I love those chip vans, they've been removed from Boulogne on the front.
  3. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    you can still get a sausage battered in Rouen however, so I've heard.
  4. The drink is just a smokescreen for you being a massive fúcking unfunny ****.
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  5. ronbo

    ronbo Swinger

    I agree with oooh_matron. You are obviously a cretin if that is the best you can think of to post. Perhaps you should get out a bit more and live life
  6. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    guilty as charged your ******* honours. i will take your advice or kill myself
  7. Juno what beach they landed on?
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  8. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    utah'll me perhaps?
  9. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Do you have to pay with Gold?
  10. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    i could've sword that was true

  11. tankboy1

    tankboy1 War Hero

    S(w)O(r)D OFF,the lot of you.
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  12. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    dont't you take that gambit with me sir. I'm sure you have a Point (du Hoc) to make
  13. Caen take any more of this.
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  14. YetAnotherRock

    YetAnotherRock Old-Salt

    you carentan like that and we'll run out of beaches