British safety system allegedly failed in Siberian coal mine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 20, 2007.

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    The killed Briton was a bank representative. Poor man.

    This evening I fly to Kemerovo (local regional centre) and will be on another (nearby) coal mine. Now I supervise a project of industrial automation of coal processing plant. So I will ask the locals what really happened.

    Who installed metan detection sensors and controllers? Who checked them? Likely British experts at least took part in this process. Why this terrible disaster has happened. Now I haven't any idea.

    Let's say RIP to all victims.
  2. hello kgb
    what system of Ex safety is used in russia, ?
  3. The systems made in Soviet times are ageing and not too reliable. But the coal mine in question was built in 2002 and equipped by the most modern hardware (British, German and so on).

    I have my own version. British system worked nicely but (capitalism!) the owners want to dig as many coal as possible. Coal in the mine have 9 cubic meters of metan in each ton (it is a very high level). So I suspect actually the level of metan was near critical concentration (2%).

    Meanwhile, a Briton (representative of a bank that funded the project) inspected the mine. Likely he asked how safe is it. Probably he was told that it is absolutely safe even to smoke. Someone lit a cigarette and ...
  4. RIP to the victims mate , although the cigarette theory brought a wry smile to my face.
    I would be interested to see further reports as to the explanation for this disaster , I would specifically be interested in who designed,installed and commisioned this safety system .
  5. It does sound like the system was installed for the comfort of the shareholders and insurance companies then the management disconnected the warning system. Happens all the time in China.

    Mining is a tough enough job at the best of times, RIP to the dead.
  6. Btw, another coal company in Kuzbass BELON regards a possibility to make a firm where I work as a designer of safety system in their 5 coal mines. If it would happen then your obedient servant would monitor the whole process.

    In Germany 'cigarette version' would be unthinkable but in Russia...

    No doubt that before the visit ventilation system was switched on full capasity. As a result a concentration of metane could even rise in some points. I know about this effect because I supervised two projects of road tonnels (and now am working on 3d).

    As the whole mine's management died then the explosion happened just near the place they were that time. So something caused it and unlikely it was a coinsidence.
  7. Don't the Russians use Davy lamps to detect the presence of methane? Do the British miners carry Davy lamps any more. I know that Thatcher did away with pit deputies (probably because she was closing down the mining industry) but is such a basic and fail safe device now ignored?