British Residents returned from Guantanamo Bay

LONDON (Reuters). A police spokesman said Jordanian Jamil el-Banna, Libyan Omar Deghayes and Algerian Abdennour Sameur were being escorted by a doctor and members of the police counter-terrorism squad aboard a chartered plane.

While the United States has described the men as dangerous, the British government has declined to say what security or surveillance measures it may impose on them after their return.

The men's lawyer, Zachary Katznelson of legal charity Reprieve, said he expected them to be questioned on arrival at Luton airport and then released to join their families.

Families in Jordan, Libya and doubt?


If the sceptics dont want them neither should we, let them go home properly!

As in back to where they were born!
no they are UK residents so have a right to stay for as long as we want. we will not be permitted to send them to their respective countries as they may be subject to persecution and therefore you will be kindly asked to put them up in some smart accommodation and pay them a stipend for as long as they want.
if they are so chuffing dangerous why have'nt they been charged with anything.


I've never been charged with anything and your point is?
A charterted plane?.

Paid for by whom,exactly,as if I couldn't guess.


Whet the Tipton Taliban were "re-patriated",they were flown courtesy of the RAF in a C-17 into RAF Northolt(West London),as were the other Gitmo detainees.

Cost to RAF?.

Does this come out of the defence budget?.


Surely the Yanks should repatriate them in the same way that we do with the occaisional one that doesnt run away or find a loop hole!
They say they are residents of the UK, so this must mean
that they are not Citizens of this country so why are we bothering with them
Think this thread's been done?

Still, if they were seeking asylum in the UK, why did they leave to be caught in Afghaniland or Pakistanland?

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