British Reinforcements

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Both camps of British Society engaged in the Religious War (on Terror) are receiving steady amounts of reinforcements.

    More than 1,500 immigrants arrived in Britain every day last year, official data showed today.

    The Office for National Statistics said that 565,000 people came to live here for at least a year during the course of 2005.

    Meanwhile, 1,000 people a day left the UK to live abroad - an estimated 380,000 - half of whom were British citizens.

    It means that the country's net population rose by 500 a day, or 185,000 during the 12 months.

    The largest group of migrants were people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who accounted for two-thirds of net "in-migration".

    However, the largest single nationality coming to Britain was Poles.

    The number of people arriving for at least a year from the eight former Soviet bloc countries which joined the EU in May 2004 - including Poland - increased by 50% to 80,000 last year, it said.

    Of the 198,000 Britons who left for a new life overseas, the top destination was Australia, where a fifth were heading, followed by Spain and France.

    The number of asylum seekers fell still further from its 2000 peak of 81,000 to just 11,000.

    In the year, 68,000 people from the "old Commonwealth" - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa - came here intending to stay for at least a year, while another 121,000 came from other Commonwealth countries.

    In full,,1937596,00.html

    Catholics, Hindus, Orthadox Christians and Buddists (all very welcome in my street) aside I am surprised that members of a certain religion still regards the UK as a worthwhile place to migrate to.
  2. Presumably these figures reflect only the numbers of legal immigrants?
  3. This is correct. EU and Commonwealth Citizens are unlikely to enter illegally
  4. Its a sign of the PC-spin saturating the country that no-one is drawing attention to the 198,000 who left: emigrants tend to be skilled, with assets, entrepreneurial or wealthy retired. This exodus of cash & talent must have serious implications for UK Plc - given that the replacement immigrants are in many cases unable to integrate or substantially contribute to the UK economy.

    Another particular worry is the implication for UK pensions and social provision - G Brown blithely assures everyone that new immigrants will enlarge the economy to backfill the pensions shortfall for existing UK citizens, but no mention is made of how pension provisions will be made for those immigrants themselves, in their turn.
  5. The immigration from the UK can be troublesome in France ;-) ;

    as we speak, an old fart from Scotland is making a lot of fuss about military helicopter overflights over her house near the Caylus military camp in SW France...maybe she should have inquired on why the land was so cheap before commiting to buy within shooting distance from a military camp !
  6. Ah yes people who buy cheap houses near Airfields and then complain about the noise, bad enough but to do so as a guest in a foriegn Country can only mean she's a member of a certain religion.