British PSD needs me to extract legitimate gains from Iraq*

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Fat_Assassin, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. * I'm not really sure I believe them....

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    From: Eric Stratford (
    Sent: Sun 7/27/08 3:39 PM
    Reply-to: Eric Stratford (

    Eric Stratford
    Baghdad Iraq

    Date: July/25th /2008

    Since 2002, I have been working with the Iraqi ministry of oil as part of the British expatriate team helping with revamping this ministry. I am the team leader. The reason for contacting you is to seek your co-operation in the transfer of funds in-trust to you. Since the year 2004 my team and the contract award committee of the Iraq ministry of oil have awarded series of contracts in the oil industry that were executed by local companies in the gulf region. Some of the contracts are listed below:

    1. The expansion of Pipeline network, crude oil and downstream products distribution and evacuation

    2. Supply, install and maintain Explosion Proof Push Button Stations

    3. The construction of Storage Tanks for Petroleum Products

    The total value of these contracts was deliberately inflated to Forty-Five million United States Dollars (the actual value was thirty two million, five hundred thousand dollars). All the contracts have been completed and payments have been approved. The excess amount of twelve million, five hundred Unites States Dollars which belongs to my team. we propose to transfer to you in-trust for subsequent disbursement. In return, we have agreed amongst ourselves to offer you 15% of the subject amount, 5% shall be set aside for expenses. Our share shall be reserved in your country until we are able to come to your country to claim it. I cannot send the funds to my account in the UK because I am a civil servant and cannot defend the source of such large funds. If you are not a United States resident please do not bother to reply - we intend to invest in the United States and prefer to send our share there. Please note that I do not need your money as we have made adequate plans to finance this project . Your honesty is paramount in the successful completion of this project. Modalities have been worked out at the highest levels of government to ensure the speedy transfer of this fund within 10 business days.

    Please understand that due to the current situation in Iraq and the anticipated chaos once the United States leaves Iraq , I am desperate to leave Iraq immediately upon completion of this project. Please indicate your interest by replying to this email.

    Best Regards,
    Eric Stratford,
  2. Will Mr Stratford will soon be astonished at the number of purveyors of Viagra and other ahem.... services who have contacted his e-mail address in a bid to do business with him?
  3. British expat using the date format of month/day/year? My arrse.

    Of course, the crushing stupidity throughout the email and the prospect of a free lunch would also indicate that maybe, just maybe, you're being had.
  4. Nooo, go along with him for as long as you possibly can, it passes hours of time.

    Go here for many a decent tip. Bet you can keep the fcuker going for weeks.
  5. Mr Archimedes, Jew_Unit, Ladies and Gentlemen of Arrse;

    I welcome your ideas and suggestions for this gentlemans' email address, be it making offers of fine male enhancing 'suppliments' or indications that Law Enforcement are on the trail...

  6. Domain Name:PD-IRAQ.ORG
    Created On:29-Jan-2008 16:09:02 UTC
    Last Updated On:30-Mar-2008 03:50:53 UTC
    Registrant ID:tuCsIzrLoxXQxAxf
    Registrant Name:Razak Abdulahi
    Registrant Organization:pD-IRAQ
    Registrant Street1:337 kenndy Rd
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Scarborough
    Registrant State/Province:ON
    Registrant Postal Code:Y3T2S5
    Registrant Country:CA
    Registrant Phone:+1.4163995942
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:

    Yep. Definately with the Iraqi ministry of oil!
  7. Sir! I salute you for your internet brilliance. Having his address is giving me allsorts of ideas :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    ps - How did you do that? I'll let you have 15% of my 15% from their $$$ if you tell me :D
  8. Try here:

    Bear in mind it might have been hijacked. If not, the scammer is astonishingly stupid!
  9. (Scarey)Good Drills, that man! 8O :worship:
  10. I played on that website(419eaters) for a while and yes it can be extremely funny and satisfying to keep these arrseholes tied up with bullsh!t for weeks on end.

    Send him some random bank details using a false(read new) email address set up for the sole purpose of keeping this fish on the hook. The site while give you loads of ideas of how to keep this mug thinking he's onto a winner.
  11. They are funny. They first tell you that they have been dishonest “The total value of these contracts was deliberately inflated” and them say, “Your honesty is paramount in the successful completion of this project.”
  12. sounds very cheap for a contract in Iraq, especially in the oil sector. I was working on a contract there in the power sector and that amount would have just covered the security bill!
  13. Careful with information entered into the WHOIS service, it is very often fake, to conceal the real registrant.

    DDOS attack on site is probably best revenge, but not recommended (illegal)