British Politics for Dummies - Julian Knight

Quite possibly a contender for the worst book I have ever tried to read (and to think - I paid £14.99 at Southampton Airport). Knight is not only highly opinionated (slightly to the left of Marx) but also condescending in his writing style. By assuming that everyone has the intellectual ability of a school dropout, he alienates the majority of his potential readership. As I glanced in the index, looking for "Chartist", I was appalled to find nothing between "Charles II" and "Chicken Yoghurt" (incidentally, the entry on Charles II simply reads "after he popped his clogs, another short useless rule meant another civil war in the offing".).
This book tells us nothing about politics and everything about Knight's own opinions, liberally (sic) punctuated with too many explanation marks; as if to add emphasis to his own bias. It will appeal only to low-IQ Guardian readers. Don't bother - I want my money back.


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So why didn't you post this under The worst book I've ever read?

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