British Policing Tactics ..A Joke.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. You want to know why youngsters in Britain have no discipline today?

    Because the law is too soft on them, to almost non existent levels.

    How the **** a Army of police, with thumbs up their bums can just watch these little ****'s do what they want on our streets and do next to nothing about it is a ******* joke .... and totally unacceptable!

    In the United states they would have deployed the National guard, used rubber bullets, C.S gas, imposed a curfew and adopted a shoot to kill policy regarding looters.

    That's the way you deal with Britons ever increasing Army of indisciplined Scum.
  2. it's not the police it's the home sec that is tying the hands. Most PC would relish the chance to org snatch squads to take out the leaders, this is all in the main thread, best head over there.
  3. Agreed. Plod will be even more frustrated than we are, having to stand and not only watch these little ***** doing what they like, but also allowing them to taunt them and hurl abuse.

    The powers that be need to give full backing to Plod and authorise them to gain control of the streets by any and all means necessary.

    Personally I would:

    1: Impose a curfew and enforce it vigorously.
    2: Authorise the USE (not just threaten the use of) water cannons, tazer, baton rounds, CS, Police Dogs and armed response as required without the Police fearing repercussions.
    3: Mobilise a Regular Inf Battalion to bolster manpower in 'key areas' affected by looting and also mobilise a Reserve Battalion to bolster manpower in other areas (not necessarily in a riot capacity, but more as a show of force)
    4: Fire Brigades should also be given authorisation to use high pressure hoses on rioters, in order that they can reach cars/buildings that have been set on fire.

    I think we can all agree that if they dont meet this with a show of force now, then it will only spread thoughout other areas (especially as we approach the weekend). The Police cannot sustain there current operational tempo and whilst the Senior officers seem to be hoping that looters will get bored and just stop soon, I think its safe to say thats not going to happen anytime soon .
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  4. Tell me about it. I know of at least one officer who drove a nearly ten year old peugeot car derived van with a dodgy clutch and a broken window wiper at a crowd of idiots yesterday.

    You heard Mrs May yesterday. "We don't police by water cannonn..." and other liberal nonsense. Thats funny because CMD has just told us that one will be available within 24hrs.

    We have liberal idiots in charge who have no understanding of what is necessary to keep law and order at times like these. Either that or they fully understand but are not capable of making the difficult decisions necessary and giving the MANY willing and able police officers the nod to get into them. Either way they need to go.
  5. Totally agreed 100%

    However, this is NEVER going to happen whilst Great Britain is being governed by "Wimps and Fairy's" is it ?
  6. I have the impression you are a serving plod mate, respect and sympathies to you, been there and done it too.

    Ah, politicians. You know I have personally seen a few idiots stand for local and national elections over the years and I observed a few commonalities amongst the idiots that pretend to govern us.

    No self respecting, career conscious, ladder climning money making business man has the time or inclination to bother entering politics. Why? Because it takes them out of their chosen career, costing them promotion or as a business man it costs them money to divert time to playing statesman. There are some exceptions to the business man but they generally step into politics when they have made their money......Michael Heseltine, 'kin millions then tried to do the right thing.

    So, with all the good sensible people tied up with their careers we end up with people that are either going nowhere in their chosen careers - lets face it who gives up a good career to move into another one. In my opinion and observation the people with time on their hands are similar to the estate busy body that marches around organising the neighbourhood watch and/or bored housewives of a certain age that gave up a career as a lawyer or whatever to bring up the children. To this list I can add lecturers from "the new'ish" universities as their holidays are far too long which gives them time to be thinking about organising election campaigns for the local Lib/Dem party.

    So there you have it, a bunch of second or third rate failed professionals who decide to become noticed and move into politics because all the first rate people are too busy doing what they do well. Then once they have managed to con[vince] the public into electing them they realise that Parliament or the local authority provides a bit of a frre lunch and a wheeze of an expense account and they grip onto their greasy position so that it requires a crowbar to remove them.

    Then we end up with a situation where, what was the best country in the world is suffering because politiicians have gradually allowed and enforced a more and more limp wristed approach in all aspects of law enforcement, social responsibility and immigration. Why? Because they want to be nice to certain target segments of the electorate and get re-elected. Its simple target marketing, offer them what they want and they'll buy it - or in this case elect it. Billy Biff and his mates, want to get pissed 24 hours a day, extend opening hours so that they vote the right way next time. Gupta, a politician, has a "cousin" who got stopped by plod for a broken headlight, bring in ethnic sensitivity training - did I say that, so that Leicester votes the right way next time. A large proportion of the electorate are single 19 year old socio economic group d females, So increase the benefits for unmarried mothers so that they vote for the standing party again. Its all simple target marketing aimed at re-election.

    Then we move to the situation we have now, police powers and authority have been so eroded over recent years they are considered an open joke in some segments of the community. Why? So that they do not offend the public making the politicians look bad so that they do not get re-elected to their nice gravy train positions with expense accounts, travel passes and some of the best pension plans I have seen this side of merchant banking.

    Politicians are limp because they want to be re-elected.

    Sorry, did I rant?

    Police Officer: A citizen locally appointed, by the crown, for the:
    1. Protection of Life,
    2. and property,
    3. and the prevention,
    4. and detection of crime.

    Not much of that going on is there?
  7. As others have so rightly stated, the rot set in at the very, very top. The blokes on the ground can do the job given enough numbers, the right kit and, most important of all, leaders - from Silver/Gold Command all the way up to No 10 - with the balls to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

    I sincerely hope the riots hit Westminster during the emergency debate tomorrow; once a few politicians get killed, the rest will pass legislation setting up UK Einsatkommando within 24 hours.:skull::twisted:

    What's the old saying from across the Pond? A Democrat is just a Republican who has'nt been mugged yet.:threaten:
  8. Something like that I think. I try and stay out of their politics though its messier than UK politics, Mr Blah bought in US style election campaigns and having met a couple of Congressmen since I've been here they are slymier than any UK politico you could ever meet. Here it is 100% all about staying in your position.

    Thankfully though with policing the Federal Gubmint keeps its nose out of local issues and the County Sheriff's gets on with it - where I live they have work gangs out wearing the stripey prison uniform cleaning ditches and roads, cutting the public grass and doing litter patrols.................feckin marvellous. Reminds me of that Paul Newman film where he is out on a work detail, 'cos even nowadays the duty deputy stands there shades on watching these guys with a pump action gently cradled.
  9. Agreed there the law is far to lenient.I would be intrested to see what the sentances are going to be for all the shitbags that got caught looting and rioting.But there are a couple of other points as well to take into consideration.Schools have not got the backing to sort out disruptive pupils,and the parents of teenagers/children don`t seem to give a toss what their sprogs are up to,and when they know they have been up to no good do sweet FA about it,instead they just make excuses for their actions.Not good in the long run.

    [/QUOTE]How the **** a Army of police, with thumbs up their bums can just watch these little ****'s do what they want on our streets and do next to nothing about it is a ******* joke .... and totally unacceptable![/QUOTE]

    Isn`t it true to say that the Police stood by and watched ``with thumbs up their bums`` because the police had no robust leadership and backing from their superiors and goverment,therefor,did not know what to do for the best in light of past incidents,and public outcrys at police actions. You also had the situation where by at the start of the riots there was not enough police deployed in the first place.
  10. Cool Hand Luke!:cool:

    "Water break, boss?"

    "Not today, boy!":twisted:
  11. CC, ref the teacher comment, it's hardly surprising when you get this (taken from Auntie Beeb this morning) :-
    "BBC reporter at Highbury Magistrates Courttells BBC 5 live the first person who appeared in the dock this morning was a 31-year-old teacher called Alexis Bailey. She pleaded guilty to being part of the looting of the Richer Sounds store in Croydon."

    Just about sums it up really, and Red Ken was on about disenchanted youth!!
  12. Its certainly not the rank and file but the senior officers who little to help the state of British Policing. They are so worried about getting the next rank that they conform to whatever the Govt suggests. They need to grow a pair!

    They need more "patrol officers" on the streets.

    As for the comments re North American policing- absolutely right, assaults on police here are a rare thing. I wonder why? Probably because the shit bag ends up going to hospital and the powers that be support the local plod!!
  13. Yea thats unbelivable.They should cut down on the summer holidays far to long.
  14. its ment to be kicking off later in birmingham again. all the football fans are goin up to kick the shit out of the looters because all the games are cancelled because off them.
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  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they should scoop them up and press gang them back into the navy. victory is still on the books so lets get her floated and off to raid the levant.