British policeman injuried in Kosovo.


A grenade attack on a Serb cafe in the ethnically divided Kosovo town of Mitrovica has injured nine people including a British UN policeman.
Recently Serb Orthodox Church was vandalised. What is a solution? From my point it is very simple. After any hostile (moreover terror) act a small portion of Kosovo should be transferred to Serbian authorities (including Albanian populated areas). It is the only effective measure.

EU could test how new democratically elected Serbian government treat its Albanian citizens and it would possible step by step to return Kosovo under Serbian rule. Why not?

Today the Briton was only injuried but tomorrow, what could happen tomorrow?
Sergy there is no way that Kosovar Albanians will accept Serb rule.
armchair_jihad said:
Sergy there is no way that Kosovar Albanians will accept Serb rule.
With NATO troops in Kosovo of course.

Current situation is a deadlock where 3 involved sides Serbia, Albanians, EU (USA lost interest to Kosovo long ago) play own parties.

1. Serbia. Nobody can accuse now Serbia that it has undemocratic regime. Moreover, Serbia has good prospects to join EU. The Serbs can wait 10, 20, 30 years to resolve Kosovo problem. For then it is not life/death question. They allowed NATO to occupy Kosovo, but in return NATO recognised Kosovo as a part of Serbia. Also the Serbs has a very strong point: tens thousands of Serbian refugees that are prohibited by Albanian authorities to return.

2. The Albanians are trying using pogroms and terror acts to puth out remaining Serbs from Kosovo. Unlikely it would be appresiated. The best solution for them is a wide autonomy inside Serbia, that would be a member of EU as a part of bargain.

3. EU is tired with this Clinton generated problem. Originally the idea of the war around Kosovo was to present American policy in the Moslem world as 'fair', sometimes pro-Moslem (no only pro-Zionist or selfish). What options EU has?

- immediate withdrawal of troops and police with immediate was as a result. It is not good.

- unilateral recognition of Kosovo independence. For many reasons it is not good also. Serbian ground forces (they are still strong enough) would have a legitimate cause to enter Kosovo with unpredictable (more right quite predictable) consequences. There would be also unwanted side effect. Mr.Putin said that in this case Russia would recognize independence of some break-away regions in Russia. And Bosnian Serbs could ask why we are voided our right for independence. As for Basques then would demand their independence with new strong argument. Also the Turks in the Nothern Cyprus would seek a recognition of their independence too.

- wait for Serbian 'yes' for independent Kosovo. Europen politicians wait in vain and I suspect understand it. This approach is fruitless.

- later or sooner EU would use a 'carrot' in form of Serbia's EU-membership to urge the Albanians to abandon a stupid idea about so called independence.

You say that Kosovars would never... Never say never. What would you prefer: to be independent but extremely poor or live in EU-country and enjoy big investments (as part of a 'carrot' package)?

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