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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Uladh, May 20, 2013.

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  1. so i was watching the news the other day about the gun attack on a police patrol in northern ireland and the news report showed guys in black uniforms that said POLICE on them with SA80 assult rifles in their hands, is that normal practice ?
  2. Sure is.
  3. MOD Plod use them. Every other force use a Colt or HK derivative.
  4. So, if attacking an establishment guarded by PLoD, wear a wet '68 pattern combat jacket with button on hood and you'll be grand
  5. Yarp
  6. Nuke police have them too.
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  7. CNC were carrying G36 last month and have been for a while.
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  8. That's Kent Police you're thinking of.
  9. They used to stop on a camp I was posted on to refuel. Huge armoured vehicles escorting HGVs and loads of coppers carrying all black L85 on all round defence around the POL point.
  10. SA80.....G36......whatever happened to pick-helves....and two-tone lightweights?
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  11. Really? I'd been led to believe that the use of THAT military antique would render a nuke superfluous, sort of like watching a mouse rape an elephant.
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