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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bad_Crow, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. The Government - Bean counters

  2. The Police Senior Management

  3. PC do gooders outside of the organisation

  4. The Bobby on the beat

  5. The Public for not obeying the law

  6. Society for spawning weak willed potential coppers

  7. Non of the above because the Police are doing a stirling job

  1. Okay, so we all know the old bill are getting a bit of a bad write up lately. People have little or no sympathy for the filth on current pay issues for a mixture of reasons.

    Its well known that most of the country don't think the Police on the whole are pulling their weight...

    So I put it to you. Who is to blame and why?

    Also what could be done to improve the quality of service the Police provide. I'm sure "Angin they sels" is a good reply but any serious points.

    Smacking scroats about down dark alleys.
    Attending Church meetings.
    Concentrating on certain types of crime.

  2. How about an "all the above" option....

    My personal feeling is that some aspects of policing have improved over the 1980s (e.g. not as many people being stitched up today for the sin of being born in Ireland), whilst other things have taken a turn for the worst (e.g. crimes like auto theft, burglary, public disorder) seem not to interest dibble at all. However, call a policeman's horse gay and that's another matter.....
  3. You need to widen the options. How about another such as "a liberal and emasculated Executive, a largely uneducated Legislature, a rebellious Judiciary, an odious target culture, utterly unfit for purpose senior police leadership, all aided and abetted by incompetent local Police Authorities, held together in spite of this overwhelming incompetence by a reducing core of what we used to know as good old-fashioned bobbies".
  4. Sorry i thought i'd put an "all of the above" option in.

    Fair point so your grief is to do with what is being dealt with and what is being palmed off. I'd suggest that your issue is more with Senior management who flap at the first sign of a racial/diversity issue and get all hands on the pumps. However bobbies are becoming just as guilty of this. Its such a tabboo issue i'd say the nation on the whole feel they have to stay three miles away from any comments such as "Thats gay" or "Stop being a poof".
  5. impressions i have, only picked up from media etc.

    are that senior bill now go from a uni straight into a job as a senior officer without having been on the streets, usually complete with their PC (excuse the pun) attitudes, they are then so career minded that they will say/do anything that some tree hugging/gay rights activist of a police auth member says

    the everyday copper on the street is now in a similar situation to us where instead of just grabbing that lad running off with grannies handbag he has to shout a warning, then proceed to stop the offender without hurting the wee clunt, if the cuffs chaf, your in front of der furher.
  6. Maybe we need a new word! :D
    I like the Jamaican term for someone who wears their pants the other way round (e.g. is gay = chi-chi man), as in "stop being such a damned chi-chi man, and get on with it..."

    Going back to the police thing, the situation extends to all (most?) public and private organisations I encounter (Universities, NHS, Councils, utilities etc). Too busy worrying about mission statements and listening to consultants rather than getting on with doing what they are paid to do. I don't knw what the answer is, but I know it is not more of the same. I also feel pretty safe in saying that none of the scheming gits in Westminster (or Stormant, Cardiff or Edinburgh) have the answer either. They are all pieces of sh!te in my eyes.

    To be fair, it is not just in the UK. I'm hearing the very same from my other half's family here in Chile...
  7. We're up against the same old problem that occurs in any professional organisation: it's how the members pay the bills and feed their kids. When it comes to a choice, few people will sacrifice their family's well-being on the altar of their principles, so we get the situation where otherwise good people go along with things they know to be ineffective, counter-productive or just plain wrong rather than resign or risk being sacked.

    In plod's case, they clearly know that the diktats of politicians and the fawning obsequiousness of their management are undermining the rule of law and compromising public order, but they're not prepared to stand up to them - well, not unless their own pay-poke is at risk.

    I asked a question on another thread: if they are so sure that it's CPS to blame for not prosecuting or the Chief Constable's fault for badly prioritising their efforts, why not arrest them for 'conspiracy to cause a breach of the peace'? It was partly rhetorical, but I'd like a serious explanation from a copper as to how that sits with their argument the current dispute is "about the principle" - and how that squares with their much vaunted role as a public service.
  8. It would require senior management to accept that they'll never see a promotion ever again, because it wouldn't go anywhere and niether would the officers involved for the rest of their "Now short" careers.
  9. How about arresting a few CPS people for ''Wasting Police time??''
  10. If you ask me it's pretty straightforward - people have too many rights.
  11. I would say the Police have lost all of there's!!

    Not that I am a fan of them, but if they can't cosh a little ned/chav/tink for stepping out of line then how do you expect them top deal with armed criminals...?
  12. The Government - Bean counters
    The Police Senior Management
    PC do gooders outside of the organisation

    and the fact that criminals have rights but not the victims or the police.
  13. I know it varies from region to region but I live on an ex coppers estate where there is still a few serving, when you see their vans parked outside of there houses for 2 hours at lunch time it does make you wonder.
    My daughter got hit by a hit and run driver when she was 14 and although they had the car with the drivers blood in it nothing was done. To add insult to injury I then had a "book" posted through my door addressed to my daughter to fill out as a statement, including drawings of where and how it happened! It was'nt until I had been into the police station 3 times to ask for an officer to attend my house to help her fill it in that they finally came.
    I do believe the police have a difficult job to contend with and in certain areas they deserve every penny they get and more, but in quiet areas such as where I live they get complacent.
  14. In my humble opinion , as one who has 32yrs in five forces, the problem is so huge that it cannot be laid at any one element's door. The management are useless partly due to it being an autocratic organisation, too many supervisory ranks and many other points.
    However, whilst the need to 'prove beyond reasonable doubt' was valid for the uneducated people of Victorian times (bear in mind the harsh punnishments) it is no longer realistic. No-one is going to risk their job with all the that implication on family life to convict anyone by embelishment . The whole system needs a radical re-think which would prove too much for the public.
  15. That was sort of the point I was getting at. It doesn't square well with their new-found love of principle - the love that was found when their pay agreement was renaged on and not when changes were introduced that compromised their ability to police the streets.