British police is the best in the World... or not?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. the best in the World

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  2. one of the best

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  3. simply good enough

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  4. not good enough

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  2. Ermmmmmmmmmm... ..??

    A question about your options in the vote.

    What is the difference between 'Simply Not Good Enough' and merely 'Not Good Enough'...??

    It's for a vote I plan to use.
  3. Best police - RCMP

    Uk police - good but slipping.

  4. Government targets and political correctness have ruined the police force, the legal system as a whole is ****, you can get away with whatever you want nowdays, and if yyou get caught you wont do any real time.
  5. A joke, they are quickly becoming glorified traffic wardens :x
  6. The British Police= An Abortion.

    The Good hard working bobbies are being sent down sh1ts creak without a paddle by:

    Utterly Utterly Useless Bosses (See Accelerated Promotion Scheme)
    Utterly Utterly Useless Cons picked for the job for EO reasons and not potential to be a good copper.
    But Most of all an utterly utterly useless Government!

    Its okay though because Society in general is falling to bits so why shouldn't The Police Service (Not Force) go with it. So if you are a 5ft1 fat bird and fancy an office job after two years whilst a bloke with 24 years in can't get off the streets. Apply today, You won't be disappointed.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Might be opening a can of worm's here,But in my humble opinion the RUC(GC) were one of the most dedicated police force in the U.K.
  8. Personally I don't see any difference. So for this reason I hasn't places 'Simply not good enough' option.
  9. I voted not good enough, but not in comparison to other PF, they are justed tied down with PC and HSE to make them affective, I believe a limit of 25 years old plus would be an advantage, the police need life in the real world and the application of common sence to be the force they want to be?
  10. To add we still have an unarmed police service(generaly), unlike most others, and this must be used to our advantage! They can still demand respect without the use of guns (this what we have the army for)?

  11. SPOT ON!

    Did some work at north wales HQ the other week and in the canteen were the youngest "piglets"- canteen staff nickname for them_ that I had ever seen! all shorter than 5 10 and reed thin FFS. how is a chav, knobber or a real hard nut supposed to take it seriously? The respect has gone for the police- it's a sh*tty job and not made any easier by the crap that trickles downwards from No10. Good luck boys and girls, I think your gonna need it!

    Mind you there was a copper I Wrexham that would make anyone think twice....Ex Reg I believe.
  12. A good example of this is

    'Two 19 Year old Policemen enter a house where a domestic is taking place due to the male being unhappy over divorce arrangements. They try to calm it down but the Male eventually gets violent towards the Policemen and is detained. When asked why he got violent towards the Police he said "The spotty one kept saying i know what you are going through. I know how you feel and i understand as if i was a school kid. It irritated me and i lost it." Niether Constable was married, had children and both lived with their parents.'
  13. It isn't the blokes - it's the system.

    I'm a serving police officer and done two overseas tours working with officers from other police forces with the UN in Bosnia and on Op Telic.

    In every case on these "rankless" missions, most UK police constables ended their tours in command positions, over and above some very senior officers from other nations.

    In my humble opinion, man-for-man, we're on a par with the Scandinavian, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian forces, slightly ahead of most other european ones and streaks ahead of the rest.
    When you start talking policy and procedures, however, we're very well down the list.

    Of course, those that are selected to serve overseas do have to meet quite stringent criteria, so they may not be representative of the average bobby, but then again, so should those from other countries.

  14. The point about the bosses I don't agree with, the hurdles you need to jump even to get to Sgt (theory exam, practical exam and interview) are no walk in the park. You then get to do them all again for Insp, with an expectation (at least where I work) that you will have done time in custody and CID by then. If you fancy accelerated promotion, good luck, but don't expect your degree to carry you much further than the initial selection process.

    As for the 'Student Constables', yes EO is important but if you're good enough you'll get in whatever your race, colour or creed. If you don't then look to yourself rather than the background or those that did. The training they go through now I agree could be better, and we get our fair share of biffs and bad apples, but no more than the mob or anywhere else I'd suggest.

    And the Government? Well I hope you're not too disppointed when you don't get any better from the next lot.
  15. We arent talking Background Race/Colour/Creed. We are talking... P1ss weak looking people. Either too thin or too fat. We are talking people with all the people skills of a figure 11. We are talking women who join the job only to get up the duff, move to an office and do prisoner processing until 2030.

    As for the Accelerated Promotion Scheme. I haven't got the time to start discussing Force wide examples of 4 year Sergeants. Not to mention Nationwide.