British police - is it just me...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rodney2q, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. I have just been listening to the news on the radio.

    The police are always claiming that they do not have the manpower tp patrol the streets, investigate crimes. nick the anti-social scumbags etc.

    However, it has just been announced on the news that the bloke who faked his own death and has been under arrest for the past few days is now being taken to court in a marked police van, and that police are waiting to arrest his wife on her return to the UK. How many police are involved with this? Surely this does not warrant police involvement to this extent.

    OK, so they have fiddled some rich insurance company out of some cash and pi**ed there kids off, but they are hardly a menace to society,and yet the plods seem to be falling over themselves to get involved.

    Same with the Labour Party funding thing - no-one is getting hurt, politicians are simply showing themselves up as the cnuts they are, yet the plods tip up mob handed every time.

    Try and get a bobby out to sort out some teenage cnuts trashing your car and they don't want to bl**dy know.

    Is is just me or does anyone else think the police ought to sort out their effin' priorities?


  2. We called the cops because living brain transplant donors had raided a skip full of tyres. They were rolling them down the main road into oncoming traffic, at night.

    Two guys turned up, one said it's just kids being mischievous. The other said we are trying you know.

    I replied that was the most terrifying statement I'd heard.
  3. I'm sure they'd love to Police the way we would all like to see but the bloody home office has them so tightly tied to achieving certain numbers of arrests etc that they risk losing their already paltry funding if they don't achieve them. It's the same with the NHS, it's all a case of the bean counters trying to quantify everything as they don't understand things that can't be turned into numbers like a Bobby walking the beat or a patient in a hospital being treated with compassion and dignity!! God help us all if they start telling us we need to shoot a certain number of taliban before we can call in a airstrike!!!!!
  4. I think its just you mate. Wow so they have used a police van. You expected a Tandem bicycle or maybe roller blades. Also I think to investigate a fraud will need one or two at least to sort a job like that out.

    Or maybe the use a self service tele centre where the offender phones in his interview and they then send the court summons and jail sentence through the post. My god your absolutely right what a waste of resources
  5. The Police Federation is getting excited because Nu Liabor is modifying their agreed pay claim.Do the police expect the public to be sympathetic,in the light of lots of negative publicity? Probably they do,because they cannot guage the public mood.Since their leaders are toadying up to Nu Liabour,perhaps they should blame them? The only police leader to stand up to the Government on this issue,so far,is the CC of Kent,who's fairly bulletproof,as he's non white.
  6. err, where's my post gone? It wasnt that controversial was it?
  7. If they didn't come down hard on the Insurance fraud couple, particularly in a high profile case like this, you'd soon find every chav family doing the same.

    As for the Labour scandal, "Just a few politicians being cnuts" and "nobody is getting hurt" doesn't really cut it. Politicians control the country, and a scam like this has the potential to change the course of history quite dramatically.
  8. Surely it's not such a problem if our chavs head off to Panama?
  9. I don't see why there is any surprise on this at all.

    I have said it before and will say it again the government and its enforcers treat crime in a definite league table system.

    Theft from or not paying the government any monies it says you owe is the number 1.

    Number 2 is the same but from big business that have the backing of the government.

    Number 3 is anything the medja get hold of and big up.

    All other crimes come below these and have the subsequent amount of time and effort put into them. ie not a lot.

    Think I am being to cynical? Just think about the effort that goes into catching and jailing those that don't pay tax, BBC licence fee and the like and contrast and compare with the effort that goes into catching some one who does x thousands worth of damage with a spray can.

    The actuall amount of money isn't important but who the money is supposed to belong to is.
  10. I like where you're going with this. We could rid the country of chavs and bankrupt all those sleazy insurance executives at the same time!
  11. Strahclydes finest are doing a good job right now went for a wander down the shops and counted six hi-vis polis on street not in vans or squad cars on foot so there.
    Granted there has been a few bad crimes last few months, they are visiable so happy my taxes are supporting them, traffic wardens on the other hand grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wheres my.....
  12. Been a fair few threads having ago at the police recently. It's worth emphasising that the state the police are in at the moment is due to excessive interference by politicians over the last decade.

    Do you really think that Nottingham police officers wanted to walk around wearing green ribbons to show support with the muslim community in the wake of 7/7? How many Met. officers' chests swelled with pride when Commissioner Blair announced that "There's nothing wrong with being an Islamic fundamentalist".

    Legend has it that the orders given by Maggie to initiate Operation Corporate in 1982 consisted of a single sentence: Recapture the Falkland Islands. I often wonder what the orders would have been had New Labour been running the show:-

    Dig up some dirt on the SNP leadership. We'll need them on board as the Falklands are off the coast of Scotland.

    Replace Chief of Defence Staff with black, gay, muslim environmentalist (preferably disabled).

    Make sure new CDS is issued with a pager so Alastair's people can keep her on message.

    Fit sails to the carriers to reduce their carbon footprint. (Get Gordon on board by pointing out consequent reduction in fuel costs).

    Offset costs further by allowing sponsors to paint logos on the side of task force ships (Logos involving dayglo or radar reflecting paint to cost extra).

    Open bidding among TV companies wanting to embed reporters with the task force. For inclusivity, don't forget to include Argentinian TV companies.

    Offload any holdings Bank of England has in Argentinian Pesos. We may need to use Polaris if the defence budget is needed for more urgent projects and a nuclear war is sure to devalue their currency.

    Prepare diversity impact statement.

    Vastly expand the MCTC in Colchester in anticipation of most of the task force getting done for racially aggravated assault/murder during their Falklands tour.

    Oh and as well as the above, Recapture the Falkland Islands bearing in mind that all of the above tasks take priority.
  13. Are we talking PC Plod here or Chief Constable Bernard Basset - Humphries esq???

    The police head shed don't have their priorities in order however I think the ground level bobbies (However useless some of them are) still plugging away doing 4 x 10-12 hour shifts a week putting up with sh1te from their own organisation and the plebs on the street.
  14. Very perceptive post A_M
  15. If the Labour party had been in charge we would never have gone.