British police is helpless without Jewish organisation

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Sep 12, 2006.

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  2. How exactly did you get 'helpless without them' from 'we need to work together'?
  3. So the police alone (without the organisation) cannot prevent terrorism. In other words is helpless to prevent it.
  4. This is an attempt to initiate a rather pointless debate overwhat were some sensible and correct remarks.

    How exactly do you think Police gain intelligence?
  5. Ok, I'm sorry but bullshit. Your attempting to find implications that arnt there.

    Yes its very important to work with local communitys, esepcially ones involved. It makes the constabularys job much easier, and more effective. They are not however completly incapable of working independently and to imply such is at best overly dramatic and at worst stupidity.

    Although I have a feeling you only ever started this threat in order to be the obtuse devils advocate.
  6. Don't worry - every other thread Sergei starts is connected to Jews in some way or other. Probably jealous that loads of his former countrymen are living it up on the beaches of Elat and Netanyah whilst those who banned them from emigrating to Israel for so long are left to rot in the motherland.
  7. Wedge!

    If I found the similar story about Italian, Irish or Russian ethnical security organisation in the UK that helps significantly to British police then I would place it for discussion as well.

    Read carefully both my posts on this thread. Nothing wrong with them I suppose. Respected Israeli newspaper wrote that Met.Police can't fight against terrorists without the organisation. I find it funny. That's all.

    Personally I didn't ban anyone for emigration. Those that would decide to return to Russia would be welcomed. Those who prefer to live now in Israel share the common culture with me. For them I believe I'm not a foreigner. Rather native Israelis are foreigners for us.


    PS. I know it. If a Russian only sounds words like Jews or Israel then for some he is always a Jew-hater. It is a well-known stereotype. At least in my case it is not right.
  8. Typical russian trying to pull the wool over by playing with words. You should join the Labour party. I think he was actually saying that police cannot solve crime or fight terrorism alone. They need the support of the communities which they police. Our police have to work within the law geezer, your lot are as bad as the criminals they pretend to be trying to deal with.