British PM David Cameron seeks 'special' relationship with India

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yusuf, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. And the British PM is back in India with a huge business delegation while some are stuck in wondering where Indians shit and pee.

    It's more like Britain is desperate to have something going with India. Wonder when many in ARRSE realize why Britain is desperate for a "special" relationship with India
    MUMBAI: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday began his India visit seeking a "special relationship" between the two countries, saying it is "about the future and not the past" for which sky is the limit.

    "I want Britain and India to have a special relationship...this is a relationship about the future, not the past," Cameron said in his first public engagement here-- an interaction with the staff of Hindustan Unilever, the Indian unit of British consumer products' giant, Unilever.

    Describing India as one of the "great phenomena" of the century, Cameron, who is on a three-day visit to India, his second since assuming office in May 2010, said the enormous growth of the country is going to make it the third largest economy by 2030.

    "I am heading the biggest-ever business delegation to leave British shores. India's rise is going to be one of the great phenomena of the century and it is incredibly impressive to see the vibrancy of your democracy, the great strength of your diversity and the enormous power of your economy that is going to be one of the top three economies by 2030," he said.

    "As far as I am concerned, sky is the limit.. it's about business, economy and trade. But it is also about culture, politics, diplomacy. India is going to be one of the leading nations in this century and we will be partners and that's why I am here today," he said.

    Britain wants to be India's partner of choice, the visiting premier said, adding the two countries have a lot in common such as history, language, culture.

    "You are the largest democracy in the world, and we are the oldest," he said.

    He also said both India and Britain face the extraordinary challenge of fighting terrorism.
  2. We don't wonder, we know you shit in the streets.

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  3. And has the British PM come to clean it up?
  4. Would that be one of those Indian special relationships where someone rams an iron bar up your arse on the bus and leaves you to bleed to death?
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  5. Standby for a relaxation of the work visa rules for students. Wolverhampton pol..Sorry Uni has seen a 70% drop in students coming from India apparently due to the fact they cannot stay after the course has ended and work to pay off the debts they have accrued.
    Also All is not well with the deal with France for Rafale fighters, though that may be Indian bargaining tactics. It took us ages to sell them a few Hawks.
  6. I knew one of these Indian Twxxs would be along to educate us as if we don't have a news media to tell us where our prime minister is. They just can't keep away.
    One of the main thrusts of the PM's visit is to get India to bring is rules on foreign investment at least into the twentieth century.
    Now bugger off and play on an Indian site unless you can tell us how Pashtun Nationalis seduces his goats.
  8. Another special relationship, so having been sacked off by the US of A we are now grubbing a Chicken Tikka with those coves we looted and pillaged for centuries.
  9. What is your point?

    You are the largest user of the Lee Enfield and we have the most spares.

    You have some of the worst sanitation and hygiene whilst we have the best.

    We have one of the highest standard of education facilities in the world and your piss poor facilities coupled with a high number of ill educated children need educating.

    You need us too, we just need to stop giving you shit for free now you are so ****ing prosperous on the back of the Great Britain.

    So man up and repay your debts pay your education with royalties instead of bludging off us you ****ing parasites.
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  10. If we start to count the debts, we'd have to start from 1750 and the British loot of India
  11. And you can pay us compounded interest on the roads, railways, post & telecommunications, sanitation works, public buildings, judiciary, education & health establishments, public safety, law & order, the aqueducts, gin & tonic....

    Oh, and what do you mean by "India"? India, Pakistan East & West are all British creations, so say thanks for having someone else create a modern democratic nation state for you....

    Please accept Mr Cameron as a national gift from us to you. He is pink and shiny, and will sit in a corner apologising for whatever imagined slight you can come up with...
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  12. .
  13. The debt you owe us for dragging you kicking and screaming from the Stoneage. Now go and clean up the dung.
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  14. Minus the aid we've given to India.

    That should keep you busy writing a few pages.
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