British people among worlds ugliest...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Maybe thats why we have the worst alcohol problem in the UK

    Its the only way munters can get fucked
  3. Wipe out the Medway towns. And Nottingham. That should move us up a couple of places.
  4. Rejoice, ugly women say thank you, dont need as many beers bought for them and are easier to persuade.

    Trapping in Norway is a nightmare.
  5. It's not a website for beautiful people, it's a website for vain idiots. Best keep them all in one place, it's a jolly good idea really.

    Bit like Arrse I suppose... Evaluate people for cuntish behaviour and the ability to post shite when pished, and those who fail to meet the standard get binned. :?
  6. Not surprising really.

    Setting aside the significant intellectual deficiencies that plague 90% of Britain, we suffer from a population that:

    Sets the pace for poor dental care
    Believes that shopping at Primark and Burton is sophisticated
    Worships at the altar of all-you-can-eat
    Automatically sets quantity above quality
    Have no qualms about exposing and inflicting their vile physiques in public
    Reveres women with tattoos
    Is utterly ignorant of both global and national affairs
    Has an enduring love affair with poor quality TV
    Believes they are interesting and attractive when in fact they are at the extreme opposite of the spectrum
    Is morally bankrupt
    Is financially illiterate and bankrupt
    Believes they all are equal and all deserve equal attention

    Apart from that there is very little wrong.
  7. Thousands of years of inbreeding.Fantastic.
  8. Blimey I thought that was the spams you were alluding to :lol:
  9. I thought this thread was about Britain not America?
  10. I don't think it's about "Ugliness" but more about taking a pride in your appearance.

    Being clean and smart (both sexes) goes a long way to appearing attractive and projecting a socially acceptable image to the rest of us. You can be "beautiful" (whatever that is) and yet still be unattractive by having poor hygiene and dressing like a tramp.

    I wouldn't dream of posting on Arrse without shaving. :wink:
  11. We may be the ugliest physically, but spiritually we must be hovering around 3rd or 4th.
  12. Nothing new here , carry on.. :p
  13. I still think that Missy Jacky and Missy Haridan have an 'Air of Msytery' about them.... maybe.... after a few jars down the 'Barf in Bucket'..... then of to my Bothy in the Highlands with a bottle of 'Beneagles' Whiskey..... some Abba records... and a nice supper of fried porridge and deep battered Mars Bars...... :p :p :D

  14. Never been to Nottingham, but agree about Medway!!!