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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldTimer, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Can any one explain why , when the shit hits the fan , people from every country in the world suddenly seem to be in possession of British passports and are demanding to be moved to safety?
  2. It could be that as the empire gave way to freedom the govt gave the former colony peoples de facto British citizenship.
  3. Since New Labour came to power in 1997 the PASSPORT has risen from £18 to £66,but there again I did not vote for this commie government!
  4. In 1947 when the Empire ceased to exist and the transition to Commonwealth began, everyone was in the Empire was a British subject. Then UK immigration laws changed so everyone in the Empire(whose countries were given independance from London), was given the choice. You can either stay British and live in for example, in India or Australia or wherever, or you can renounce your British nationality and become Indian or Australian. Then around 1984 the rules changed again so that you can only be British if one of your parents are British, so the fact that you were born in London does not make you British, the fact that you mother and/or father were does.
    So, you can get 3rd or 4th generation Brits who have never been to the UK, as their grandparents took the first option but stayed in their original country and whose descendants were also British.
    You can also get British National Overseas passports and British Overseas Territory Citiizen...
  5. Heard about the recent rise on the news - spitting feathers.

    Funny how the price of the passport is slowly reaching the proposed level of the controversial National ID Card - that gives you the same ability to travel as a Passport - of course this is not "getting the ID Card in through a back door" is it?

  6. Perish the thought, you old cynic, you! How could you think that of our Dear Leader (pbuh) and the NuLabProj? For shame.
  7. It will soon be cheaper to buy a forged passport than a genuine one.
  8. Back in the day, everybody in the British Army used to get issued with a British passport, even Irishmen like me. The good thing about them then was that there was also a space for your profession, and if you were in the British Army it just said "Government Service". Which used to make the immigration wallahs at Septic airports pull their shoulders back and give you a hard look. But even if they asked what you did, you just shrugged, said: "I'm sorry, I can't talk about it", and gave them a thousand-yard stare. Fückin' aces!

  9. Lets have some facts and figures oldtimer

    or have you just put down your daily mail
  10. Are you sure that this is correct? I understood that if you were born outside of the UK to parents who had also been born outside of the UK and had their births registered at their local UK diplomatic mission that you couldn't be registered as British.
  11. I was born in Spain, to British parents, and this has had to be looked at quite carefully with regard to me over the years. This was the situation in the 1980s - I can't say whether or not things have drastically changed.

    You can be a British citizen in two ways: 'by descent' or 'not by descent.' Being born in Britain would make you a British citizen 'not by descent.'

    If you are born abroad to British parents, then you are a British citizen 'by descent.' Your children, I believe, are entitled to a British passport even if not born in the UK, but their children are not.

    If you are a British citizen 'not by descent,' then your children's children are entitled to British citizenship (by descent) even if not born in the UK.

    One exception to this, which applied to me and is probably highly relevant to this site, is if one or both of your parents are employed by HMG. If you are born abroad, to British parents (who are British 'not by descent'), and at least one of them is employed by Her Majesty, then you are entitled to be a British citizen 'not by descent,' just as if you were born in Britain.

    Clear as mud? Thought so.


    edit: clarification, and to say that yes, DB, you're thus right, or at least are right for how it used to be.
  12. OldTimer

    Are you, by any chance, a Daily Mail reader?
  13. Thought there was an article about this, in some rag recently.

    Was going on about a Pad Brat born in Cyprus (I think). Apparently, years later, he applied for a British passport and was initially refused. He had to prove his liniage, pretty much like the SS would have done :evil:

    Apparently, just 'cos his father had served in that country and he was born in a BMH out there, accounted to nothing 8O

    Anyone else remember this?