British Olympic Handover Effort

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by skypilotuk, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Having been enthralled for the past two weeks by the efforts of the Chinese to present a wonderful Games; and by the magnificent success of Team GB in representing Britain; it was gut renchingly embarrassing to have to watch with hundreds of millions of people around the world the truly awful and amateurish 'effort' presented to us in the form of an aged rocker from another era, a bus that looks like any other bus to me
    (except that in deference to 'that minority community' it appeared to blow apart like some buses did do in London not so long ago), and a tattoed skinhead footballer who no longer lives in the country - if that is a taste of what's to come then God help us. All that was missing was the resurrection of yet another reference to England and World Cup 1966 and it would have been complete. I'm not British, but I do sincerely wish you all the best, I really do :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. You seem to be an expert... what would you have done?
  3. Hopefully this sets the precedent that we are going to do this:

    A - on the cheap - keeping my taxes low.
    B - using the chav orders - meaning that by reading the right papers and watching the right TV I might limit my exposure to this overhyped global sports day.
  4. Someone who is an expert is anthroplogist Kate Fox. She says that "The English feel particularly eneasy with populist displays of self-promotion".

    Using a double-decker bus and pop stars was cringeingly reminiscent of Niu Labour's "Cool Brittania" launch of the Millenium Stadium.

    Stiff upper lipped formality is the preffered English approach.
  5. Although for me the highlight was Boris Johnstons speech about Ping Pong coming home!! Classic!
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I thought this was about our attempt at the relay race.
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Flesh creepingly embarrassing.

    Everything was "right on" and "down wiv da kidz"

    I am sorry but bad break dancing is not central to British culture and what the hell was a geriatric folk rocker doing with some flash in the pan wailing bint of limited talent? Beckham is just a self publicist beyond contempt.

    They could have saved a fortune by just putting the band of HM Royal Marines and the Queens Colour Squadron out there along with three hairy blokes in a Jackal.
  8. This is the very statements that flick my rant button to on!

    At what point will we get behind the Olympics in 2012. This mornings newspapers are already coming up with non news stories of doom and gloom. Last night Britain put on a very credible handover event. Stop bluddy winging and get involved. Naysayers are not wanted. All the British public want to do is knock everything with any credit. When people write or comment about our services the way they knock British events we get on our high horses (quite rightly I say). This endless dragging down of everything is not helpful. Want it to be good? get behind it and support it. There is so much to do that armchair critics are of no help. And before you ask I am invoved, I registered to be a volounteer and so has the rest of my family.

    Rant button to off, and breathe.
  9. Hear hear, let's hope BoJo and Lord Coe are reading this.
  10. Well done you. So how exactly is your volunteering going to stop the committee from doing even more of the same Multicultiyooftrendyartshite that they did last night?

    A pile of breakdancing yobboes climbing over a spaz in a wheelchair to get on a no longer used type of bus being stopped by a female ethnic child is supposed to represent the best of London how exactly?

    As for the rest of it? Cringe makingly cheap and nasty but it fitted with the entrance of the Mayor of London who also looked cheap and nasty.

    Outraged of no-fixed-abode.
  11. It was gay, multi-cultural and mediocre. As a non-Brit I ask myself is that Britain today?

    Again as I non-Brit I admire and respect the country that produced Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, Thackeray, Byron, Shelley, Turner, Hogarth, Wren, Purcell, Elgar, Vaughan Williams to name a few off the top of my head (and that's just the English). None of that wealth of cultural heritage was evident in what I saw yesterday. But then again they're not "Cool Britannia" - a concept not compatible with cultural excellence.

    The spectacular displays put on by the Chinese gave the message of a nation proud of it's historic cultural achievements and confident of the future even if it did remind me a bit of looking into a nest of worker ants.

    On another note one of the BBC presenters in Peking yesterday said that the Chinese "student volunteers" were marched around in formation. Are Chinese youths highly disciplined or are these "volunteers" drawn from various police/military/security services academies?
  12. I was disgusted at the 8 minute embarrasment as well. Old rockers, a shite song from Leona who was prancing unsteadily on grass?? on a bus that was not an iconic London Bus, it was far too clean and was on time. It had cut out privet hedges that had naff Christmas lighting around it. Dodgy punks and corr blimey workers dancing like Dick Van Dyke. The whole thing was so awful. The audience were stunned into an uncomfortable silence.

    We were promised that our Olympics would be new and look forward, not harking back all the time. It's the same old thing that is being churned out though with buses and umbrellas. Here in London the Visa Party was a bit heavy on the promotion of West End shows, but had a great showcase and of course the big crowd pleaser was the Red Arrows.

    We have a wealth of talented people who could have showcased London in a much classier, exciting and modern way in Beijing.

    Boris was a breath of fresh air. He was passionate and good humoured. I don't care his jacket wasn't done up, he waved and interacted with the crowd and the ping pong speech was so off the wall British, it was what was needed.

    The Chinese Olympics was too perfect, all the women and girls were like clones...maybe they harvested a few from the 'Dying Rooms', so not a complete loss then. :x
  14. It seems that our cultural icons appear to be pop stars and football stars... Every time Great Britian tries to promote itself in the international arena we tend to throw pop stars at it...

    Does beg the question of what our cultural icons are these days?

    Ask a bunch of Japaneese tourists why they come to London...? It is unlikley to be to see the pop stars, aging rockers or football stars!! (They may go to the wax works!!)

    So much of our cultural history appears to have been diluted, absorbed into the EU etc now to the point that I can't actually say how we could have best portrayed Britian at the handover...