British oil rig begins drilling off Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Feb 22, 2010.

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    This ought to stoke some embers I think.
  2. Can we afford another oil war so soon after the last one?
  3. Can we afford not to? :D
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    well if we can get enough Gas out of it to make it worth europes while we may be able to drum up some support from the Europeans.
  5. Where is the rig? Do the Argies have any aircraft that could fly that far and strike it? If not, who cares!
  6. Can't we fool the Argies into believing that we are drilling for treacle, its worked in Carrick Roads for years.
  7. Is it me or are the Argies being a bit thick? Surely they would be able to clean up big time if they set up a load of oil refineries on the Argentine coast and processed the oil for the Falklands. They wouldn't have to stump up for the rigs or take any major risks with running the rigs, plus they'd get a nice big share of the oil wealth. Or is machismo that important to them that they can't share?
  8. they were offered half the oil profits, but declined the whole offer, so stuff them, its not as thou argentina actually belongs to them is it, quoting their rules tell em to bugger off back to spain !!
  9. Don't believe everything you read. After all of the inflamatory hype in the media late last week Buenos Aires made a point of phoning London and saying that they in no way consider military action an option in this issue and that it could not be further from their mind.

    Don't let the media stir this up into something unavoidable - dont forget - war stories or rumours sells newspapers - boring diplomatic negotiations dont.
  10. Mind you that's exactly what you would say immediately prior to kick off.
  11. No, but some blokes who work for desire petroleum will be getting a f*cking big bonus.

    Won't make much difference to the rest of us.
  12. I shouldn't think so. After all, we didn't even get that out of helping Uncle Sam invade Iraq.
    Gordon and Peter should see a nice backhander out of the deal sometime around June though.

  13. Speaking personally, I would cut a deal with the Uruguayans and land the oil & gas in Montevideo, if only to annoy the Argentinians. I mean, it was their call to restrict the movement of ships / goods to the Falklands so only fair the reverse should apply.

  14. Yes, they are being thick…

    Still, Chile will do VERY nicely if we strike oil.
  15. Iraq is more about a personal crusade for Bush and cornering Iran than oil.