British officers?

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by booty_cadet, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. I heard somewhere that the Gurkhas only have British officers. Is it true?
  2. No. Gurkhas can get commissioned in two ways:

    1. Through the ranks to become a QGO.
    2. Through RMAS having been selected from the RGR.

    In addition technically qualified Warrant Officers (YofS, FofS in QG SIGNALS) have been able to apply for UKTAP commissions in their relevant trade roster.

    RGR and the Corps Units do have British Officers as well though too.
  3. I can only speak for RGR, not for the Corps units (and this is only due to reading/awareness, I am not commissioned into the Bde of Gurkhas).

    Of the three rifle companies in the Batallion, three of the platoon commanders (2Lt/Lt) are British - ie went to Sandhurst, then Brecon, then Nepal (language training) before joining the batallion. The other six (pl cmd) within the rifle companies are QGO. These are essentially Late Entry officers - they commission from CSgt/WO2/WO1.

    The company 2i/c, mortar/machine gun/anti tank commanders are typically QGO. Company commanders are British, as are the Int Officer, Ops Officer, RSO, Adjutant, Batallion 2i/c.

    The senior gurkha officer is the Gurkha Major. As far as I can work out he is the focal point for all Gurkha issues, and on operations acts the role of the Padre (since the Gurkha Pundit is a civilian and does not go on operations).

    I apologise for the diabolical English/grammar etc - I am shattered.

    Hope this has been of some use
  4. I was under the impression that all Gurkhas above Sargeant are eligible to be promotted (awarded) to Queens Gurkha Officer, unlike British Senior Ranks & Warrant Officers who take the DE/LE route. The only Sandhurst Trained Officers being British Officers selected to serve in the Brigade of Gurkhas.

  5. Hmmm didn't 3RGR (before disbandment) have a Gurkha RMAS graduate as CO? I know of at least one Gurkha officer (non British), who has made it to Lt Col, this being the previously mentioned former CO 3RGR.

    Am not sure by which route he made it to Lt Col though.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    There used to a type of officer called GCO (Gurkha Commissioned Officer) who held a Crown commission having previously served in the ranks. This was a direct equivalent to a British LE officer and I believe that there is no distinction between the two.

    Used to be the case too, that Gurkha Majors could became Hon. Captains (GCO) on retirement.
  7. No this is incorrect. Brigade of Gurkhas Standing Instructions do allow for selected candidates from the ranks to be selected to go through RMAS. Its a long drawn out procedure and can take up to 5 years to complete, but it has been done and is still available for those that are good enough to try.

    See here

    Value of a Gurkha Thread See page 5.
  8. The following site has 3 classes of Gurkha Officer:

    Gurkha. Those on Gurkha Terms of Service:

    Queen’s Gurkha Officer (QGO)
    Gurkha Commissioned Officer (GCO)
    and Short Service Commission (Gurkha).

    So I stand corrected that all Gurkha Officers are QGO's
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the Queens Gurkha Officers rank below a Second Lieutenant but above a WO1. During British rule, these officers were known as Viceroy's Commissioned Officers (VCOs).

    The Indian Armed Forces have the same ranks, known as Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) which have their own separate messes in the army. Like Queens Gurkha Officers, JCOs can also receive honorary commissions.

    (From Wikipedia) the JCO ranks in the Indian Army (from highest to lowest) are:

    Subedar-Major (infantry and other arms)/Risaldar-Major (cavalry and armour)
    Naib Subedar/Naib Risaldar

    The JCO (or Chief Petty Officer) ranks in the Indian Navy are:

    Master Chief Petty Officer Class 1
    Master Chief Petty Officer Class 2
    Chief Petty Officer

    The JCO (or Warranted) ranks in the Indian Air Force are:

    Master Warrant Officer
    Warrant Officer
    Junior Warrant Officer
  10. My bold

    Correct, but it is the very stupid and not long surviving young or attached british officer who treats a Lt (QGO), a Capt(QGO) and the Gurkha Major as his rank inferiors.
  11. Can someone explain why British enlisted personnel are given a full commission when they are Commissioned, whereas Gurkhas receive a lesser commission as Queens Gurkha Officers. Is it because they are less able than British soldiers or is it due to their race?
  12. Gurkhas are given a commission that is relevant to their current terms and conditions of service. It is no less than a British LE Commission, but because of the intricacies of service and to ensure promotion is available to all that aspire to commission, it is slightly different in terms of time served and the ability to promote beyond major. This is currently being reviewed as part of the wider GTACOS review.

    The less than 2Lt is merely a historical thing and is no longer relevant to modern service, a Lt QGO is as senior as a Lt and has the same responsibilites and does the same duties.
  13. But currently still junior to a British Officer or a GCO under Queens Regulations???
  14. What in the same way that Late Entry Officers are junior to Direct Entry or that Navy Officers are Senior to Army Officers or that I went up the steps before the bloke behind me or that my Regimental number is earlier than yours?

    I shall look in QRs and see what it says, but if you're trying to insinuate that a QGO is some sort of lesser mortal, perhaps you might want to take yourself outside and give yourself a shake.
  15. To my knowledge a QGO Lt is treated the same, if not better than a DE Lt, he is the same as a LE officer as far as most are concerned, and only a fool sees him as anything other.

    There are no, and have never been any, Gurkha YofS as far as I am aware, so there are no Traffic Officer Gurkhas either.