British officer charged with damaging church

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by yank_eyetie, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Paragraph 7............"After calling for backup, they saw a large object, later determined to be a door, punch through a stained-glass window from the inside." Now call me a bluff old traditionalist but how the **** can a door punch through a stained-glass window? If thats the officers statement methinks that the RN chappie will be off on a technicality...
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  2. If one has removed said door from its hinges, and then launched the door forcefully against said window, I can see how this might happen.

    I'm just surprised at the whole situation; I'd be interested to see what the formal investigation/trial turns up, if he doesn't cop a plea.

    In the US military, if you're apprehended by civil authorities, you are liable for prosecution by the US military authorities for Unauthorized Absence during your jail stay, along with whatever other charges the JAG can pile on. Does British military justice work the same way?
  3. Be fair - it said he's Welsh - he's probably never seen glass before.
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  4. Don't think so Mr Lurker - It's still her Maj's authority 'n the law of the land trumps MoD. You'd still be in shtuck for bringing shame on the family, 'n fail the "service test" for not being able to play soldiers on account of being banged up.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If he is an 'officer' his career is definitely over, but I suspect that description is a bit of journalistic rank inflation.
  6. What about when you lot got pissed up and vandalised Washington in 1812 or thereabouts? It's one rule for some etc.
  7. Ditto the above. Commissioned officer will no doubt be offered the opportunity to 'do the decent thing' if he's lucky. Unfortunatley, sacrilage i.e. desecration of any place of worship / shrine or such like tends to REALLY upset folks; the incident wont do the 'special relationship' much good at all. That said, I pity the silly tool if he's subjected to the kind of ineptitude the Guantanamo 'investigators' made infamous.
  8. The real problem is that they burned the place down 200 years too soon.
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  9. There's nothing to stop you re-enacting the event...
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  10. It was just a bit of high spirits that's all.
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  11. I remember that one, What's the difference between High Spirits and Criminal Damage? Ah yes, that would be a commission.

    Particularly when burning pianos' and Austin Maxis'.
  12. That's rather a pity. Under UCMJ, the logic is that your command never gave you authorization to spend your time in pokey, so you will be charged for not reporting for duty during your time relaxing there. Yet another way for the military to put the screws into you for misbehavior on civvieside.
  13. 2LT RM, reportedly, hence the presence at Quantico.
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