British Newspapers in Munster

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by bugsy8, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Advice/Help Please!

    Off to Munster to do the Xmas Markets soon, does anyone know If I can buy a british newspaper anywhere without going into a camp (retired and no ID card). Ta!
  2. I often found that German newsagents around the bahnhofs had a varity of european papers. You should try there.
    Thinking about it, it's the same in the UK too. Newsagents nearest the train stations often have the leading dailys (well, sometimes a day or so late) from most major european press, as well as US papers.
  3. Thanks, but I was thinking along the lines of the "old red shield" services, where you can buy the paper of the day at a realistic price!
  4. Why bother when you can read most of them online, some of them totally free

    Thats what I do every day as I cant get UK papers where I am.

    If you have a Kindle you can have a subscription and they will automatically download every day apparently (although I must confess I havent tried that)
  5. Bugger you beat me to it.

    Kindle is the way to go, free for the first 2 week with most papers, then about £9 a month then on.

    Cancel after 2 weeks and sign up with another.

    I did it in France all summer, just great.

    Or, call in at your nearest TocH, Look for the blue lamp !
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  6. Thanks for the advice re Kindles but I don't have one and would really only like advice on where i can buy a british paper - is there a TOC H in Munster? and if so, where is it and can i get into it without an ID card?
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