British NCO Earns Ranger Tab

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. I just stumbled across a short article about a Grenadier Guardsman who completed the US Army Ranger School. I'm sorry if it's been posted before.

    I know that a good many people in the British forces have earned their US wings on exchange visits and so on, but I don't think I've ever heard of any earning the Ranger Tab before.

    Is Sergeant Major Bissett the first to do so?
  2. Not bad for a Grenadier i suppose ! :D

    Well done !
  3. Not bad for an old man either, which must have smarted a few colonials!
  4. At least one member of 9 para Sqn RE passed the Ranger course. Must be others

  5. Hooah Ranger. :p
  6. My Squadron Sergeant Major at 58 Field Squadron RE was ranger qualified and wore the tab so not quite the first. Still good drills though.
  7. A S/NCO from 2 RGJ, Roy Stanger, passed the Ranger Course in the early 70's, he used to wear the tabs on his No.2 Dress and they looked pretty good being similar to the old RGJ Gold/Black/Green rank badges. Finished up a Major too!
  8. C*l Y***s not only passed, but came Top of the course, I believe he also married a female Ranger? although I could be wrong with that part. :?
  9. Hope everone noticed this bit as well

  10. I do believe you are correct in that CY's missus was a female Ranger. :soldier:
  11. we had a full screw in 1rhamps who wore a us ranger flash
  12. Did anyone else read the story of the 7 year old lad receiving the Silver Star and Hawaii MOH on behalf of his Father who was killed in a firefight? very moving...
  13. I don't believe that the course is open to females as it's an Infantry course.
  14. When I was in (mid 90's) we had a Sgt in 2RRF who had passed it some time previously. Wore the flash on his no.2's