"British Navy captain relieved of command after 'mutiny

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hackle, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/041213/323/f8hob.htm
  2. Makes you wonder how he made captin in the first place, or the full circumstances behind it
  3. Makes me wonder why a bad news military story should be given top headline on the BBC when the govt are about to announce cuts....
  4. And further deployments :? :? :? :?
  5. If it's anything like I've seen the army handle piss poor OC's who have been posted out from their commands early then he'll be promoted soon.
  6. Ah but the topical word "bullying" is mentioned. I think in the coming months any officer with that little tag next to his name directly of indirectly involved in allegations will have a hard time. hopefully there will not be a knee jerk reaction to all allegations and at least let the Officer plead his case then just to be sacked
  7. The truly astonishing thing about this story is that he was apparently not relieved of his command under normal Naval disciplinary procedures, but following an "equal opportunities" investigation.

    The mind really does boggle.
  8. Not really. All government departments have to investigate any apparent breach of Equal Ops ('Diversity Policy'); and a firm line is taken, particularly these days, following so many high profile stories about racism and sexism.

    A strict regime however, is just a strict regime; if the guy's a bastarrd he's untouchable if he's a bastarrd to everyone! It's only when it's singled out to individuals that it becomes bullying.

    The guy won't get over this even if it is unfounded as the mud will stick. But I have to agree with Speedy, we've all seen cases where complete f@#king chisellers whose troops completely hate the sight of their very shadows (better stop there!) emerge from this sort of thing unscathed and get promoted or shifted to better jobs because they have the right career profile.

    Unless it's a secret ploy to get ratings to leave the service in the name of 'efficiencies', they should f#ck this guy off to somewhere where he won't have to deal with other human beings.
  9. Everybody offends easily and complains at the drop of a beret. This may be justified, it may not.

    Now that the anti bully mechanism is in place it seems to be the first resort of every wuss and non hacker who doesn't like the old man ( or any other Officer, Warrant Officer, NCO, Senior or Leading Rate) because he doesn't accept p1ss poor performance and attitudes. Allegations of bullying are always taken seriously.

    The 'bully alarm' goes off at the slightest offence and it's always the accused that is in fear of his job/future prospects. Proving malice or over reaction on the part of the accuser is difficult and with Senior Officers /COs often buying into PC nonsense, probably bottom of the list of possible outcomes. I know of a case where a real bully in mid mindless unjustifiable rant was slapped down verbally by a robust subordinate. Bully went to the old man with an allegation of bullying. While the accused was sweating his future, the real bully was smug as fcuk. The 'case' was sorted out with humiliating apology from the hero of the underdog. The bully won.

    Sir Sir, that Argentinian Skyhawk just dropped a bomb on me. Big bully. I wish to state a complaint.
  10. From the BBC website:

    So has he committed a New Liabour thought-crime?

    What about Blunktw@tt and his "liaisons" with one of his staff in his department two years ago?

    Some are more equal than others...
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Of course we all know that the burden of proof is reversed in an equal opportunities investigation case - i.e. you are guilty until proven innocent...
  12. Do you think they'll take Capt. Queeg's worry balls away?
  13. So if there are no sexual, racial or physical intimidation implications, then what is he being bent over the barrel for??? :?

    Has he tried to quash a mutiny on board and Mr. Christian has decided that seeing as he couldn't do it in the good olde fashioned way, he'd take the Captain to the Equal Opportunities Commision and do it that way instead???

    The mind boggles....it really does
  14. I'm casting my benefit of the doubt with the Navy Chiefs. This action is rare and even with the increasing PC pressure these guys don't just relieve a Captain of his ship, at sea for no reason. I bet there is a ship load of sh*t going on here and not just with a single junior officer. If the chiefs wanted to sort the situation out until the ship got home to pompey they could have quietly extracted the junior officer if he was the only one. Sounds like a promotion coming up to me.