British National Party

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SWINDLER, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. No doubt about it

  2. No too sure

  3. Definately not!

  1. I have just been browsing their official website, looking mainly at some of the policies, now some are fantastic, for example:

    - Putting a stop to immigration.
    - Heavy funding into the Military.
    - Bringing back the death penalty.

    But some im not too sure on:

    - Removing Britian from NATO and the EU, although this would pull us out of Afghanistan and Iraq etc etc, this would leave us with little allies and open to attack.

    He's what they have said about the military:


    What are your views, which policies don't you agree with and why? Lets just put the NF to the side because that was many moons ago..

  2. I wouldn't put those fcuking idiots in charge of a cake & ar$$e party...
  3. Nor would I
    However the alternative idiots aren't much better.....
  4. Not too sure about the tories but labour are a bunch of cnuts!
  5. I took a look at this some years back when a friend defied me to not to agree with at least 90% of their Manifesto, if it wasn't being brought to the table by an organisation as Radical as the BNP I would certainly have to admit that the policies have more than a fair sprinkling of common sense...however the implementation of such...thats a different matter altogether.
  6. Thats the problem, their policy is sound and indeed agreed with by a large portion of people, however the implementation is a different matter.

    It is a sad state of affairs for a country, when the majority of people want these actions, however are scared to vote for a party which wishes to implement them.
  7. The only reason I would like to see the BNP do well is it would make an excellent wake up call to the mainstream parties to get a grip and start dealing the the things that concern the public.
  8. Nick Griffin is a Cambridge graduate, so is not entirely stupid - he has had the brains to 'civilise' his party and make the Party message more sophisticated.

    Hitler was elected by an awful lot of 'reasonable' people who decided that he would best protect them and their country - he didn't tell them from the start what ALL of his policies would be - so it intrigues me that people might look at the BNP manifesto and not wonder what other policies might be pursued. In any case, I cannot think of ANY British political party that has ever delivered precisely on all of its manifesto promises, so which policies would get dropped?

    I’m also highly suspicious of any party that talks about banning immigration – there’s nothing wrong with global migration, it should just be properly managed with regard not only to territorial mass, but population density versus habitable land.
  9. The extrapalation seems to be plagiarised from "Mein Kampf !"

    If these Tw#ts/Nazis ever came to power then every British soldier who died in the fight against fascism in the second world war, would have been for nothing !

    Death Penalty? For what ? Having a big nose ? Saying "Oi Vey ?" Belonging to another political organisation ? Being someone with a permanent tan ? Not having blonde hair and blue eyes ?

    Conscription ? Have our professional armed forces contaminated with drug dealing chavs ?

    Let's not have to re learn the lessons of history !
  10. I for one would be on the first outrage bus out of the country along with the majority of most people with any common sense. It would show how un-educated the people of this country are. I agree with Dozy's sentiments as to the reason why so won't repeat them.
  11. Agreed with your first two paragraphs, but cannot agree with your final paragraph above. Your really are a . . . "DozyBint" !!
  12. Why?
  13. I can only assume that the British Nazi (my bold)Party have gotten wind of this forum as the voter ratio has jumped from pro BNP 7% to Pro BNP 18% in 20 minutes !
  14. For one thing, I doubt that withdrawing from NATO and EU and ensuring that our Armed Forces are ready to "deal with any emergency, and defend our homeland and our independence" is exactly the same as saying bigger, better funded armed forces. Without the overseas commitments I doubt they'd be a need for the numbers we have at the moment. I'm taking a SWAG here, but I'm guessing we'd be no more immune to cuts the moment the budget tightened than under any other party: there are always more voters outside the Purple community than in.

    As to immigration, I can't see a major problem with it TBH. It's overcrowding that's the problem and that'd be better and more easily solved by two main measures 1) decentralising the service economy so it's not clumped around a few overcrowded locations and 2) sterilising the homegrown workshy while letting in hard-working families from elsewhere on the globe to make up for any population shortfall.

    Incidentally, I believe a nation of small businesses is far less likely to be tumbled by any single global shock than one in thrall to a few multinationals. With family or cultural connections to other markets a non-indigenous UK subject could be a definite benefit to our society and economy. I don't see the BNP as having lost their 'it's all the darkies' fault' attitude.
  15. They're a bunch of racist sub humans who should be gassed to improve the country's gene pool.