British Muslims join Iraqs Insurgency.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. I read one day about a Police raid on suspected terrorists who may well have developed a chemical bomb and how angry local Muslims were that they were being 'targeted' etc by the police air time given in spades so that they can visualise their anger on our screens and complain about picking on people with beards; when up pops this little gem from the Times.,,176-2209957,00.html
  2. Sorry - I just do not see the combat effecctiveness or threat of a load of Walt'ing newspaper-sellers. The universal law here is that Targets DO fall when hit. Let that be the first - and last - military lessons these - please let me call them Crusaders, should ever learn before off to the beds of their clestial virgins.
  3. Very true,also any wounded or captured by Brits/Us forces will soon bleat that they are British and demaned full assistance from HMG in getting them 'home' backed by their concerned UK residing 'relatives'
  4. and then they and there familes should be tried for treason and hung from the tower of london
  5. Tower is a bit out of the way. Nelsons Column - ah! that's much better.
  6. we used to run into them in bosnia during grapple 6. at least one manc and one from london that our troops personally bumped into and had conversations with. sure there were many more we didn't see.
  7. Agreed, hang the lot of em!
  8. They most probably travelled on the money received in Benefits.(and a British passport and NI Number)
  9. Yeah they are just scum, but it is sadly a british trait
    misguided fools going of from here to fight against their
    own people. Like in the Boer Wars, hell even MI5 ran
    parts of the IRA to keep in with them.
    So nothins new and nothing changes,

    apart from the skin colour :eek: :eek:
  10. I wouldn't get too uptight, just look at how innefective they were when they were up against the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan last time round. Picking up a gun and rattling half a mag off after the latest speech from the head honcho, looks great but when your up to your arrse in alligators with the 200 other manky sandal wearing b*stards who joined you, it's pretty difficult to remember that your first task was to drain the swamp. I've never ben subjected to an ariel bombardment but I would hazrd a guess that it would probably help focus your attention. The Arab element are all motivated and experienced but the 'Tipton Taliban' sort are just f*ckwits. They only ones with any bottle to show so far, were those who blew themselves up on trains.

    Most of them who were captured last time claimed that they were out there building schools and wells. Sh*te Houses every one.

    As and when they are captured they should be dealt with by the local authorities. We've let our citizens hang in the Far East for drug running and in the States for murder, so why shouldn't we the locals deal with them in Iraq and in Aghanistan. As for those who get wounded, well they should have read the small print in thier BUPA contract.
  11. Why don't the government round up their families and convey them to the nearest airport for immediate deportation to their country of origin and take the passports off them if they hold a British one.I'll bet 10 grand that this pathetic government will most probably give the families protection and benefits to those who are away fighting the cause in the name of Islam.Time for phoney Tony and his muppets to depart.
  12. I find it bloody cheeky if the families moan at the government, best way to put them going is to send their family back to a nice Middle Eastern country which cuts peoples heads off.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Perhaps we should look at it as the Yanks do. Every one of these deluded, ignorant fools following their travesty of a 'belief system' who goes to Iraq to die, is one less who is likely to do it in the UK. Iraq is acting like a magnet for these sad walt weirdos, and bringing them here at least keeps people in the UK safe from their stupidity and egotistical selfishness (I'm right, you're all wrong na-na-na). I prefer to think of it as a load of nominations for the Darwin Awards.

    Plus, think of the money we're saving the Exchequer in benefits :twisted:
  14. True, you could advertise, die now and get an extra virgin free!
  15. The 4x2s have got the right idea.Raze family home to the ground,an' fcuk 'em off.--No council house for YOU,Abdul,my son.