British Muslims decry Falluja assault

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 10, 2004.

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    HuT are brdering on fundamentalist, and bound to issue statements along these lines

    You can read their manifesto here 8O

    He has a point , but seems to have omitted "Interim Government Iraqi Forces" I guess it doesn't make the stetement nearly as damning if he doesn't. :roll:
  2. It's amazing how the term genocide has changed from meaning attempting to wipe out a whole race (jews, armenians, chechens, plains indians, whoever) to kicking seven shades of excrement out of some insurgents :roll:

    As for what the MCB etc have said, you'd think that they want us to let the insurgents win, wouldn't you 8O
  3. If only I was a suicide bomber........I would have solved a number of issues.
  4. If they are so concerned about the effects of the assault on Falluja they should make the “freedom fighters” known to the proper authorities.

    If they don’t then they themselves should be considered as in collusion with them as well. This is not dependent on the original commentators location whether it be Iraq or the UK (Caucasian Muslim, BW Car Bomb, Possibly/probibly from the UK)

  5. The following piece is taken from The Spectator's Notes by Charles Moore in the 6th November issue of The Spectator:

    A Muslim leader here, Dr Ahmed al-Rawi, president of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, has said it is legitimate to fight British soldiers in Iraq, and has signed a declaration with other Muslim leaders to that effect. Reporting the story, the Sunday Times said that the Muslim Council of Britain ‘distanced itself from al-Rawi’ but the quoted response from the MCB was, ‘The MCB has always opposed the war, and we want to see our troops brought back home immediately, and their lives not further endangered.’ Note that this is not a contradiction of al-Rawi’s view. It is not clear that the MCB does think it is wrong to attack or kidnap British soldiers in Iraq. I have asked them to say that it is, and they have declined. I have sympathy with those thoughtful men on the Council who explain what a hard task it is to hold all Muslims together on a moderate response to questions of this sort, but if that is so, it only confirms how serious the problem is.
  6. *rant mode on*

    Thats the thanks we get for being 'tolerant'..........well I say enough of the PC crap!!!!

    If these cnuts hate the west so much why dont they f**k off back to their sandpits.

    The whole reason the UK/US is in Iraq is because the Iraqi's can't organise or run anything! This is probably why they let Sadam run things - they can't be arsed.........

    f**k them.
  7. 8O
  8. Maybe it'll prompt a few more to jump on a plane and head out to join their comrades.
    That way we get rid of some of the worst tossers.

    in fact, fug it see if we can't get the mad mullahs to start up a recruitment drive. Maybe BA could offer free one way flights to iraq.
  9. I'll second your reaction PTP 8O 8O Meanwhile, in the Redneck Instititute for Cheap National Characterisations.....
  10. I think I'll leave that statement up there a bit longer, while the poster goes and finds some research to back his claim :D
  11. Maybe when the british muslims, realise they are british first and muslim second and show some tolerance to other people what they have to say might be of interest.

    I have more respect for pond life than muslims at the moment.
  12. why whenever i here the phase british muslim .I hear a anti british rant
    didnt see them supporting the troops when they went into kosovo to save muslims .why dont they leave and take their bigotry women hating and intolerance with them.
  13. just the two words from me about these anti british , british muslims

    F*CK 'EM. :twisted:
  14. Well said, Sir!

    American/British first, Muslim second. When I hear their leaders publicly condem the terrrorists in a loud, clear voice, I'll start feeling for them. Until then, screw 'em!
  15. ********* the lot of them!!!

    Cant they see that the guys the USMC are currently malleting (did anyone see the gattling gun on the humvee?? 8O ) are the ones that want to kill guys like the MCoB as much as they do to all the corrupt westerners (count me in :D yeeha!!)

    If the terrorists win, then people like the MCoB would be wiped out for being weak willed liberals and collaborators with the great satan that is US (and UK)

    They have as much to loose as we do if these guys win!!

    Get on the righ side or shut the F!*k up!!!:x

    agent smith