British Muslim plot to kill thousands foiled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by actiontoday, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. A British terror gang plotted to use liquid explosives to blow up transatlantic passenger jets in mid-flight, a court heard today.

    Eight men planned to smuggle bombs disguised as soft drinks on to flights from Heathrow to the United States and Canada and detonate them on board, Woolwich crown court was told.

  2. Good Drills the Plods/Spooks. :thumright:
  3. They are: Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar, Tanvir Hussain, and Ibrahim Savant — all aged 27; Mohammed Gulzar and Arafat Waheed Khan, 26; Waheed Zaman, 23, and Umar Islam, also known as Brian Young, 29.

    Yeah, real lot of "British" there. Isn't it about time profiling of passengers now took place at all airports? As a middle to late aged white British person, I do object to being pulled out of line and searched whilst "British" people like those above are politely waved through so as not to offend their sensibilities. Not just in UK, same happened in the States just 3 months afer 9/11.
    And all those complaining about not being able to take liquids through security can now see the reason why.
  4. Indeed. Credit where its due.
  5. And tell me, how non white would you have to be, to be called Brian Young?

    Perhaps Airport security know a thing or two about what to look out for other than black eyemasks and stripey jumpers?
  6. This is "Brian Young". Look again, it says "also known as". Maybe an alarm bell should start ringing. So tell me again, just how non-white would you have to be?
  7. This is "Brian Young". Look again, it says "also known as". Maybe an alarm bell should start ringing. So tell me again, just how non-white would you have to be?
  8. Errmm



    Two people called Brian Young who aren't on the BNP hit list...shock horror.
  9. For the same reason that Irish Republican Terrorist weren't all Irish Working Class Catholics, and some of the supporters of Palestianians were extremely white and Aryan, profiling isn't going to stop every terrorist. Not all Asians are Muslims, and the not all Muslims are terrrorists. Profiling is only so good - no one would have identified a couple of Jordanian doctors from Staffordshire with designs on Glasgow airport just through profiling. Intelligence, profiling and random checking have to be a series of overlapping measure to catch the terrorist and the criminals. This white female is more than happy to be picked out at the airport - its just a shame the body search cannot be done by a bloke! :)
  10. How dare you come out with a comment like that. These have been picked up by the police as plotting to blow up planes. They are obviously not white. He is using an assumed name so how does that equate to BNP type policies? I find the BNP abhorrent but attitudes like yours are probably why we are in the situation we are in now. When middle aged white grannies start blowing up planes and buses, I will agree that we should strip search them in the streets. Until then, concentrate on those who do carry out these deeds and stop apologising for them. You would have made Neville Chamberlain very proud.

    Oh, and in case it slipped through your radar, his name is not Brian Young FFS so I can't see any point in your post at all.
  11. "Eight men planned to smuggle bombs disguised as soft drinks..."

    Hmmm,.. I've never seen airport customs asking Sikhs to remove their headgear...
  12. The BBC world service TV has just shown the 'Soft Drink' the 'Powder' and the suggested method for ignition.
    Are the for real or just Bull Sh1ting.
  13. And a light bulb :idea: just went on in tony the terrorists head ......... :x

    Loose lips sink ships..... :)
  14. Have you ever seen or smelt 2-pack liquid explosive?
    smuggling in soft drink bottles wouldnt work. 1 component smells of very strong vinegar,and the other is fuming sulphuric acid. either one is pretty obvious and would probably dissolve a plastic bottle.
    Easy way to id terrorist would be to make them have a swig of their "pop" at customs
  15. I've seen this done by TSA at Tampa, FL airport in the states. A mom with baby and bottles had to take a sip from the babies bottles of formula.

    Re liquid explosives, I understand that TCAP smells like nail polish. On a Dublin-Boston trip last year some stupid woman decided to do her nails. The smell made my hair stand on end until the flight attendant went to her and chewed her a new one for opening the polish on the plane.

    I just got back from a 4 day conference at Harvard with gov't officials from all over the world. Some swapped a few TSA stories. Oddly the person who had the hardest time was a Commander in the US Coastguard, traveling in uniform. TSA was very concerned about metal in the ribbons, his pilots wings etc. TSA and USCG are both part of DHS!!

    I know a retired US naval officer who got grief from the TSA for having his MoH in his pocket. last year there was a well publicised incident of a retired general who also had earned the MoH and TSA tried to take it away from him!! The MoH FFS!

    I hope we get this right eventually. Of course the way things are going in a few years we may all have to strip aff and fly naked. I would have to engage in some serious dieting before I could bring myself to do this. Would need to do a lot of ab-crunches too!