British Musician willing to face prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mora, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Nawaz is at pains to point out that he deplores the killing of innocent people, and that although he knows "how suicide bombers feel", he'd encourage them to take action against military targets only.

    The Guardian explains what all the fuss is about:

    The album, All is War (The Benefits of G-had), contains one track which uses the words of Bin Laden issuing "a statement of reason and explanation of impending conflict" and equates him with Che Guevara. Another forensically recreates a suicide bomber at work. The opening song is a rejection of what Nawaz sees as the hypocrisy and immorality of the west. One supposedly dream-like track predicts the demise of America at the hands of Islam.

    Aki joins a long line of artists who have made silly political statements. Eric Clapton famously encouraged his fans to support Enoch Powell to "prevent Britain becoming a black colony". David Bowie described Hitler as "one of the first rock stars" and - possibly - once gave a Nazi salute. Their careers both recovered.

  2. Well that's alright then :roll: .
  3. I hope the Attorney General moves to prosecute on this one, I really do hope he is prepared to go to jail, a soft flabby little man like that...he'll fit right in....especially at shower time and after lights out.
    W4nker. :x
  4. I used to help promote some of his gigs in my uni days and I can tell you hes a complete twat.

    Radical politics my arrse, its another piece of self-promotion.

    Ignore him.
  5. Utter Bollocks, a desperate attempt to revive a career that was never successful in the first place, however we cannot rely on our legal system to sort him out, we need more robust solutions - Taz_786 do you have any gig promotors in the States who could offer him a gig? Prehaps in the Midwest or Deep South?
  6. Is he trying to make a political point with the upside down union flag too? Surely that alone is worthy of a prison term! :twisted:
  7. How much money do you wanna bet that he isn't prosecuted? Yet another name for my "Justice Deferred till after the revolution" list!
  8. That must be some list by now WP!
  9. Only the guilty will have anything to fear......
  10. I do not understand their treason. Where would this Nawaz be if it was not for Britain? Most likely as some poverty striken farmer in the outback of Pakistan or a poor urbanite in the streets of Karachi, yet UK gave him what his Islamic State failed to give him and then he turns around and urges death and terrorism against it.

    Could some one inform me, where they get this Chutzpah? And he's not alone here.
  11. Who is this "they"?

    Is it the same as "them"? Because if you want an answer to your question "them" will probably be the people to ask.
  12. "they" means the moment when one's case is not a private one anymore, but represent growing phenomena as show the latest pew poll, he represent quite large social attitude.

    The poll found that British Muslims represented a "notable exception" in Europe, with far more negative views of westerners than Islamic minorities elsewhere on the continent.

  13. I'm not a disillusioned young Muslim, so I can't answer your question. I doubt that many here could.

    However, I would wager, that the UK invading a Muslim nation might have annoyed a lot of Muslims here. Didn't one of the July the 7th bombers mention that as a reason in the video he made?

    Of course, that is not really a very good reason.
  14. agreed or at least burnt at the stake.