British murders: Frog plod make stunning revelation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Radiance, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. France shooting: police widen search for gunmen - Telegraph

    Now I don't usually think police are of the brightest sort (most of them are mongs and bullies), but the frogs take the cake. The murderer is no longer in the country? How long did it take them to figure that one out? A bit longer than the 8 hours it took for them to find a catatonic kid hiding under her mum's body, it seems.

    With this sort of quality policing we can surely enjoy our Saturday teas, rest assured, that the investigation is in good hands.
  2. I can't understand why the older woman who was killed with the others has not yet been identified - all we are told is that she is 'believed to be a relative', possibly the mother-in-law of Al- Hilli'. IF she is a British citizen with a British passport, WTH don't they yet know who she actually is?

  3. Maybe because she got shot twice in the face and there is **** all left to check the passport photo against?
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  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I am pretty confident that the French bizzies are doing the best that they can.

    As far as I can ascertain, the French Police are a little sensitive due to cock ups in previous murder cases, some kid was murdered back in the 1980s, the investigation was ballsed up and they are still getting the fallout from that.

    It seems that upon discovery of the vehicle and occupants Paris got in on the act and issued an edict that the car and crime scene were not to be touched or disturbed under any circumstances.
    The local Fire Brigade used thermal imaging to detect signs of life within the vehicle and the little girls body signature was cancelled out by her mother and grandmother's legs.

    Personally I am impressed with the course of the investigation, the French Investigating Prosecutor and his Gendarmerie colleagues seem remarkably open and the daily press conferences seem designed to be helpful to both public and media.

    I think they are doing the best job that they can and from where I am sitting they seem to be acting in a competent manner.
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  5. I'm surprised you haven't already called them with the murderer's name and location, seeing as how that's the only way you could possibly know that he wasn't still in France.
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  6. Do the French police know that you know so much about where she was shot? And with how many times?

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  7. Are you sitting comfortably in that armchair?
  8. Most passports have fingerprints. In any case from the copious amounts of brass left behind it sounds like it was a 9mm semi-auto pistol. You'd need an awful lot of those leaving the face (not the back) to make it unrecognisable.
  9. It is called a hunch. Why would the murders happen so close to the border?
  10. I allegedly have ADHD. Sitting in an armchair gets boring for me. Much more fun to be up to some mischief :)
  11. Considering no one seems to know yet why the murders took place, who knows?
  12. There have been cases of people being shot in the head and surviving. For all we know there could have been an adult survivor who could have given the police a description of the shooter or their vehicle description/license plate. But we will never know now because the mongs didn't even try to do CPR. Any of the three adults in the car who might have been alive or resuscitated when the police arrived, bled out and died.

    Mongs, I say!
  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I wasn't there so I can't really say if they were mongs or not, I only know what have I have picked up from the media.

    Maybe you should pop down to Annecy and offer your services to M. Maillaud.
  14. Biometric passports have only been around since 2006 (mine isn't one and still has 5 years to run on it) so that can probably be discounted and if she was shot from behind then there really wouldn't be much face left.

    As to how I know, I read the press reports and they said that each of the victims had been headshot at least twice so it is a fairly reasonable guess that a lack of a face might be the reason they haven't yet ID'd the woman.
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  15. You're a right bundle of fun aren't you? ADHD, ASBOs for computer hacking, explosions and some other sh1t at school.

    Where did your creepy 'friend' touch you? I'm thinking, on the back of the head... with a mallet, but not hard enough.