British MP - Saudi Arabia has not exported Terrorism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Erm.. just uttered by Khalid Mahmood on Newsnight. WTF?
    Buffoon :roll:
  2. So, run this by me again.

    Osama Bin Laden is not from Saudi Arabia?
    Or he is not a terrorist?
    Or he has not sponsored terrorist acts overseas?

  3. Sixty

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    He was also fairly comprehensively filleted on CH4 news earlier in the evening too when they had one of the chaps tortured by the Saudis in 2003 (I think) up against him.

    This should be viewable here if it's updated yet.
  4. Yup, just saw that - what an utter tool, esp on women in Saudi not having the vote. Where's his loyalty or rational perspective? Thought the rest of the panel made the valid point that one can engage in a dialogue with a country without endorsing the regieme by providing a state visit.
  5. Dear Queen,

    Why are you sitting down to lunch with a disgusting, murdering tyrant who cuts his own people's heads off, treats women like animals and has tortured some of your own subjects?

    Enjoy the sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and red wine from Nettos. I wouldn't want you to throw up down your dress as you ponder what these bastards get up to, and the sordid stuff your government does in the name of 'British interests'
  6. All this Saudi business just exposes the corruption and double standards of Western governments.
  7. What corruption and double standards? They couldn't be being more up front about it. Looky:

    "Foreign Office minister Kim Howells has called for Britain and Saudi Arabia to work more closely together, despite their differences. Mr Howells told a conference ahead of a state visit by Saudi leader King Abdullah that the two states could unite around their "shared values""

    So I suppose that's that, then.
  8. In past years the British state rolled out the red carpet for Ceausescu and Mobutu; it's King Abdullah's turn today Link

    Perhaps HM could 'have a word' in the King's shell like,and explain it's all rather passe to allow ones citizens to wage crusades/jihad abroad,and if he didn't take Her word for it,perhaps the King would like to borrow the 'Lady Bird Book of Kings & Queens' and pay particular attention to the page about Richard I.

    (editid 4 bad gramma an spellin)
  9. We have shared values of corruption and double standards!

    The Saudis are smart. They fund the building of mosques and Islamic centres across Europe. They use Western leaders to safeguard their security.

    I'm wondering, what happens when the oil runs out?
  10. We'll cut them loose when the oil runs out.....until then it's a case of 'Real Politik'
  11. Unfortunately HM does not always get to choose the scum that can pitch up as house guests. She even had to tolerate tea with Bliar frequently.

    It's more unusual to have your guests criticise you in the hours before you arrive. But Abdullah's right - if we were serious about terrorism he'd have had a few ICBMs in the kisser by now.

    It always leaves a bad taste in the mouth when we treat crooks like dignitaries. But then it's a warm up for the state opening of Parliament next week. :roll:

    What happens when the oil runs out? We'll have a few poorer prostitutes, shabbier hotels in W1 and some new Saudi plumbers.
  12. The western governments have failed to research properly into alternatives to oil. Thats why they have to toady up to the House of Saud.

    I think the Saudis realise we have weak leaders and just slowly take a little bit more each time. As I wrote earlier, the Saudis are building up their position for when the oil starts running dry.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The thing is when the oil does run dry these are no more than third world nobodies and the ME will return to insignificance.

    They've failed to use the money to build their nations instead enriching a select few. Those few will still have their money but will no longer be listened to, Abdulla being one.
  14. Mahmood is a Labour MP is he not?

    I'm more concerned at his parties role in importing of terrorists rather than Saudi Arabias problems.
  15. :D Well who has then? Poor old Bin Liner cops all the flack. :D