British MP: Israel employed Nazi tactics in Lebanon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 14, 2006.

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  2. That, in my opinion, is a hostile and un-called for move.
  3. Yes, I agree, this remark is so rude, absolutely unacceptable. It reminds me unfamous remark made by London's mayor. Btw, mr.Livingstone hadn't apoligised, though the leader of his party urged to do it.

    So we see that the discipline in the Conservative party is on a very high level. Moreover, it seems to me that the opologies sounded by mr.Turner were not sincere.

    In this context one could ask a very natural question:

    What is better: apologies made under a pressure of political leader or right to say what you think, freedom of opinions?
  4. It's a tad unsporting to compare the IAF to the Luftwaffe and then apologize for the discomfort caused to the nearest vocal proponent of Israel and all its works. It's also disgraceful to wheel out the holocaust in response:
    Dan Halutz had just butchered over a thousand Lebanese civilians and destroyed the countries economy with our governments active complicity. It was all to no good end... the pratt then got his arse kicked out of Lebanon by village reservists. Has the woman no shame.

    If you look the debate up Crispin Blunt is less crass: