British MotoGP Donington

Just like to say that I had a great time at the GP at Donington this weekend. Great racing, fantastic weather and even got to see the England game on the big screen at Macleans on Sat evening. Met fellow arrser iknowyourname and what a nice fella. Traffic out of the circuit was none too bad at all and was out of the queues within 20 mins. A great weekend.
I was sat at j21 services yesterday afternoon watching all the bikers going southbound on the M1. Oh what a sight and the sound!! Awesome. Just wish I could have seen the race. Maybe next year i'll get there.
Then you missed a classic. Rossi's battle for second place was awesome!
Rossi is amazing he is by far the best racer on the brakes ever to grace a circuit. Fair play to him though if he wishes to transfer over to Formula Bore. Onwards and upwards so to speak......
How does Rossi do it? Watched it on the tele but I'd love to have been there. That ding dong him and Melandri had the last few corners was brilliant. Keep yer football.............!
MotoGp shites all over Boremula 1. Rossi announced about a month ago that he would not move to F1, and signed for a further year with Yamaha. I was sat at Assen at the Ramshoek the week before when he barrelled through the kitty litter in the crash that cracked his wrist and ankle. His 8th place 2 days later and a fantastic second on Sun were 2 of his greatest races ever. To those of you who like racing that still has overtaking, check out the excellent MotoGP coverage on BBC.
Mine too. I met Julian Ryder at the Day of Champions last Thu. I also find Randy Mamolas pit commentary to be funny and incisive. I was just legislating for the poor people on this site that don't have the benefit of satellite TV.
I would like to issue a public apology to the_Guru,

It was not big and not clever to drop a bottle of Coke and then incite your daughter to give it to you by saying that one will be for your dad then and wink. :oops:

I realise it was wrong to ruin a hardened bikers leathers and I would like to apologise for my immature behavior,

(it was however fcuking hilarious to see the look on your face :lol:)

BTW, got to watch the Superstock guys from the pit lane for 1545 race, awesome :D

Got a piccy of Carlos Checa in the in the MOTO GP paddock on Sat night :D

And to top it all I got a great piccy taken with the TT meister John McGuinness on Sunday :D :D :D

Awesome day, met loads of great people, especially the_Guru (am I forgiven or will you get revenge at Brands?) and awesome racing!!!! :D

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