British More Intelligent Than French

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Ex_ex, Mar 26, 2006.

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  2. Thought this was a notion everyone was aware of

    Any one seen the advert with the kids speaking French???? Its some cartoon thing you can buy to teach your sprogs to speak frog.
    The only words my son needs to know in french is "please stop hitting me" so he can recognise when to stop beating the French t**t
  3. they eat snails "The Dirty Barstewards"
  4. So you are now clever Breetish cnuts, instead of just Breetish cnuts! :wink:

    Bollox to l'entente cordiale and long live the eternal Anglo-French rivalry :D
  5. wait a minute fella it's only the english you lot hate is'nt it fella :?: :?:

    same as us scots :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Jealousy in both cases - if you read the article in full, Scotland drags the UK average down!
  7. Jealousy in both cases - if you read the article in full, Scotland drags the UK average down!
  8. touche my friend

    but i know only to post once :lol: :lol:
  9. poor french.......
  10. i invite you to hum a favourite tune of mine......

    Frog Bashing.

    I know they eat snails, but they sell cheap ale, I drove on the ferry:
    'Bonjour, froggies!'
    Garlic stench from the filthy French, I've come all this way and
    They don't sell Boddies
    If you take a look in the history books, its Waterloo and chateau smashing,
    Every chance, we used to nip to France, grab a club and go frogbashing yeah!

    Hairy arms and hairy legs, forget the rape, we'll just go looting,
    Back to Dover in the old Landrover, ten frogs in the back,
    It was a good day's shooting.

    The dirty gets eat invertibrates, burn our sheep, they need a good thrashing,
    You see, the fact is, we're out of practise, its been too long since we went frogbashing yeah!

    Frogbashing, frogbashing, frogbashing, dirty b4stards, frogbashing, frogbashing, frogbashing, filthy fcukers...

    The tarts over there, they're covered in hair, its hard to know just where the gash is,
    All French lasses have got moustaches and serve your beer in tiny glasses.
  11. Were the IQ tests all written in English? :wink:

  12. Ah, but are we really that much better at applying it? On an Air France flight back to the UK last year Mrs Jim and I werre offered coffee after the meal. No-one else, just us.

    Why? Because we spoke to the cabin crew in French. The other passengers, all British from hearing them speak, didn't get offered one. I wonder if they will next time.
  13. Hate? Who said anything about hate?

    If you can drink beer,have a laugh and enjoy life, I don't care where you come from, whether you are a dump fcuk or Einstein :D
  14. While I am delighted to have beaten France, I tink we should worry that we were oly 11th overall....not exactly a crushing victory....alas I think the Germans won.
  15. This no longer achieves any surprise effect, having been extensively used on daytime TV highlight "Going for Gold".

    Plus, that doesn't really explain the poor showing by the porridge wogs.