British Mole in Murder Inquiry.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mess_tin, May 28, 2006.

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  1. “When I told them Morley had been killed, their response was straightforward. ‘Nice one,’ they said. ‘Let’s hope they keep on killing their own’,” he writes.

    Nice one.
  2. So the PSNI now have a `Historical Enquiries Team´,God I feel old and get the feeling that the politicians want to forget about all things IRA,and sweep old murders under the carpet,maybe they´ll hire Agatha Christie to head the department! :oops:
  3. Time Team?

    They're good at digging up the past.
  4. That´s the problem................they´d catch the guilty,and Neu Labour doesn´t want that.

    Maybe that´s why they let out so many criminals that should have been deported,the police are so busy re-catching scrotes that they´ve no time to catch the ´real´criminals!

    I´m just polishing my tin-foil hat :D
  5. I'm sure Nuala O’Loan will ensure that vengeance is seen to be done.

    Sorry I meant justice.
  6. As there were(alledgedly) so many moles in the different factions of the terror organisations,I wonder if they had cases of ´blue on blue`?,ie RUC mole shoots 14 Int mole!..................or were they called ´black on black´ 8O