British Mission in Afghanistan at turning point says DES

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. British mission in Afghanistan at turning point’

    LONDON: Defence Secretary Des Browne said in an interview published Thursday that Britain’s mission in Afghanistan could be at a turning point to bringing increased stability there.

    Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Browne also said there was evidence of links between the Taliban and Iran, whom he described as “backing every horse in the race” in Afghanistan. Asked by the newspaper whether he thought southern Afghanistan had reached a turning point, Browne replied: “I think the honest answer is yes, it could be.”

    Browne said that he was “genuinely surprised” by the amount of progress made by Britain in promoting stability in southern Afghanistan. He added, responding to a question about whether there would still be thousands of British troops in Afghanistan in 10 years, that: “I do not envisage we will be in anything like the same profile on the present scale.” “I think it’s too early to put a time on that.” Britain currently has about 7,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan, most of whom are in the restive southern Helmand province, as part of the UN-sanctioned, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. On links between Afghanistan and Iran, Browne said: “I have no doubt - because we have uncovered evidence - of weapons coming in through narco-trafficking routes, supplying weapons to the Taliban.” “I have reason to believe the Taliban go to Tehran for training.” Browne noted, however, that Afghanistan could not be stable in the long run unless “it is in conjunction with Iran and Pakistan.”

    Regarding Iraq, Browne said that he expected to be able to hand over responsibility for the southern city of Basra to Iraqi forces “in a matter of months.” He added, though, that any lowering of the number of British troops in Iraq from the 5,000 that will remain by the end of the year will only occur after discussions with the United States. afp
  2. Well I hope he is correct
  3. Well Des wouldn't know a turning point from a hole in the ground so I hope whoever briefed him is correct...

    Bearing in mind his predecessor's assertion about leaving in three years without a shot being fired, I think sameprofile - present scale should be taken with a couple of tons of sodium chloride!

    I'm also worried that he is talking about enforcing stability in Iran and Pakistan - what have they been up to in the E ring?? More room on the medal bar may be required!
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I think Des has missed the turning point when this became a farce. :x
  5. from swiss tony :lol:
  6. "Defining a turning point in a military operation is like making love to a beautiful woman..."
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    WTF does

    mean. It either is yes or it could be not bloody both. Why do jurnos let these snakes get away with such daft responces.
  8. Amount of prgress????? Does he mean the small amount of progress?
    If he thinks there is ever going to be co-operation between Iran and Pakistan checkout what the rest of the world has to say about that.
  9. :? First the U.S. back the tribes that span the Paki and Afgan border to fight the Soviets, they train and arm these tribesmen.These people have relatives that live on both sides of the border, a line on a map to them they have always crossed it as a normal way of life. The Soviets left, the Taliban with help from Pakistan took over, they are the same people who got rid of the Soviets. Now they were forced to fight the U.S. and the Northern Alliance. There is huge support in the border region for the Taliban, NO ARMY in history has even taken this tribal over, the Pakistan Army has lost a lot of troops fighting in these tribal areas. These people are prepared by their religion to die for their cause and they have lots of young undergoing religious training ready for the sacrifice when time comes. ( this is from recorded interview with Imran Khan yesterday). I can only reason that I believe Khan not a British politician who has never been involved in this mire, and is out to score porkie points to keep a lead in the next elections, just like his trainer BLiar :evil: :evil: :evil: