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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by evansjaf, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. I've just found out that BMF have removed the TA from their list of Corporate Members - apparently because the Government doesn't have the TA on their Key Workers list. The regular Army, however, retains their corporate status, despite the fact that they have in-house PTIs in their units.

    As a member of both the TA and BMF, I am very disappointed, and thought I might let you all know about it, so that other who feel the same as I do might let BMF know how you feel.

    BMF, as an organisation that uses its military credentials to obtain new members, uses TA training staff, and advertises in TA Centres, is taking the mickey out of a good number of the Army's personnel; this is especially annoying given the supposed "One Army" concept.

    Anyway, I've written to them to say how I feel, and hope that others will do the same.
  2. Presumably the membership rates increase when not on a corporate membership? Is that the beef?
  3. Yup. However it's not an issue of cost, but principal.
  4. It's because the TA aren't real soldiers.
  5. Seems a bit of a strange move being as it was started up by a bunch of TA blokes ?

    And the National business manager is TA too ?
  6. They probably didn't have the time to commit fully to it.
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  7. I am truly gutted for you.

    Have you written to the armed forces minister or a local MP?
  8. What are you using them for Gareth? It's bollocks, if you cant achieve and maintain an acceptable fitness level relevant to your role yourself, then you need your swede testing.

    I'd rather skin my sizable penis with a Stanley knife than pay £'s to some shouty TA **** in mixed rig to run me round the local park to a cacophony of 'stand by!' and 'Go's!!!!'
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  9. Apparently the business model is failing because its only run on every tuesday, later on in the year no one knows when the training is or what they will be doing :p
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  10. If the instructors are often TA PTI's then why is it only Tuesday evenings? I'm sure the parks they run it in are open every night of the week. Stupid question?
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  11. I love the anti-TA banter that manages to weave its way into every thread. Very clever.
  12. There's nothing clever at all about STAB baiting. It's just fun, and sometimes far too easy.
  13. Is it because you're a hacked off PTI?
  14. I don't think it is banter mein kampf gummi.

    They truly despise your hobbiest ways, a harsh fact I know, but the truth hurts.

    Like **** loving.
  15. That's a bag of shit to be fair, just as well I'm a Govt worker in my day job!