British Military: Whats Your County Famous For?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by OldStripey, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Mulling over our West Country past here, got me thinking. A thread devoted to local Counties' military histories, claims to fame and even claims to shame., might have been done before, but is there any new stuff that members could throw into the pot?
    For starters and a just a few, down here in Devon and Cornwall we can boast the Devonshire Regiments, Yeomanry, DCLI, Light Division, Royal Naval History, Dockyards, and The Royal Marines.

    Dorset can also lay claim to significant events I am told.

    To cut a (very) long story short, in D/C we've had a fair few Explorers modern and medieval, Navigators, Discoverers, and the odd slave trader (the shame bit).

    Just to start off, have a gander at this site:
    Relatively unknown and under-used.

    Possibilities for a thread or just fit for the hole?
  2. Kent:

    Home to two old county Regt's, cruelly knifed in the back by amalgamation in 1961. The East Kent Regt (3rd), known as the "Buffs". The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt (50th/97th) known as the "dirty half hundred" (50th) and "celestials" (97th).

    We did have a Royal Navy dockyard at Chatham until the mid-80's.

    The Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham. The UK's oldest, producing quality falling down juice since 1698.

    Canterbury cathedral, a very high quality piece of architecture indeed.

    You can stand on the top of the keep of Dover castle and give France the finger without leaving England!

    Rochester. Home to the Casino Rooms nightclub, a favourite venue for the filming of the Sky3 series 'Street Wars' along with the diamond in Londonderry....

    A bloody good place in which to sit in a country pub beer garden in the summer.

    Charles Dickens lived in Kent (Rochester and Broadstairs) and set a number of his novels here.

    Winston Churchill lived at Chartwell near Westerham.

    The County Cricket Club had the only tree inside of the boundary, at Canterbury.

    Kent is named after the 'Cantai', who were the Celtic tribe living in the area when the Romans arrived.

    Watt Tyler who led the 1381 peasants revolt set off for his fatal meeting with Richard II and the sword weilding Lord Mayor of London from his home town of Maidstone.

    King Stephen of England is buried in Faversham Abbey.

    That will do for now.......
  3. Canterbury, Thomas Beckett, and probably the origin of the Bayeux Tapestry.....


    Bosworth Field, and King Richard III buried in a Leicester Abbey
    before he was dug up and thrown in the nearby river. His coffin was allegedly used as a horse trough outside a local Ale House.

    The Civil war, Siege of Leicester and a forgotten Castle Mott and Bailey, chopped down by the Victorians for a fcuking Bowling Green :x

    English Historical Counties, you can't whack 'em .
  4. Dorset...

    Primus in Indus 1757 with Clive of India

    The black death entered England through Weymouth

    Aussie hospital in Weymouth during WW1

    US Rangers left for Omaha from Weymouth

    Home to the only Lagoon in Europe at Chesil Beach (The Fleet) (Not 100% on that one)

    Portland Naval Base

    Home of the RAC and RS (Bovington and Blandford)

    The bouncing bomb was tested in Fleet Lagoon

    Theres a book about smugglers set here written by some guy.

    Thomas Hardy

    Mad King George, The White Horse painted the wrong way so he never came back

    Thats all I got off the top of my head and am insulted we wern't included in the West Country at the start of the thread.
  5. 8O Duly fixed.

    No offence, no harm meant, thanks for flagging this up.
    Can I buy you a pint mate? and here's a link:

    Creep creep :oops:
  6. Lancashire
    Six VCs Before breakfast.
    The Kings.
    and the road from Yorkshire.
  7. Seems to have covered most it mucker but there's also

    Tarrant Rushton - Departure point of British Airborne for both D Day and Arnhem

    TE Lawrence (of Arabia)
  8. Yorkshire - The countries county regiment...
  9. Lawrence is also linked with Lincoln where I used to live, and

    March 1933 On 6 March, bored with normal service duties at Plymouth, Lawrence requests a discharge. The request is approved.
  10. Nah that's Lancashire :D

    Serious hat on does anyone have the figures to hand as to which county has actually provided the most a) squaddies or b) regiments to the Army?

    Ref b) I suspect the key issue to decide upon would be the date e.g. if we pick 1881 then Lancashire at that time would have had 7 regular infantry regiments and 2 regular cavalry regiments:

    - The East Lancashire Regt.
    - The South Lancashire Regt.
    - The Loyal North Lancashire Regt.
    - The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.)
    - The King's Regt.
    - The Manchester Regt.
    - XX The Lancashire Fusiliers
    - 14th (Kings) Hussars
    - 20th Hussars

    Not a bad turnout & I've not mentioned Yeomanry :D

  11. Cumberland sausage and Chris Bonnigton
  12. The Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
  13. More dead squaddies, police officers, loyalist & republican paramilitaries and innocent civvies than you can shake a big stick at.
  14. OK- two Englishmen have tried claim TE Lawrence when he was born in Tremadog in Caernarfonshire.

    Care to explain?