British Military Imports, Exports and Holdings

Much discussion goes on about our military strength. This link shows some numbers (aircraft exported, Armoured vehicles procured etc.) that are fairly recent and should prove of interest to students and analysts of these matters. Here's the link to what everyone else has been up to over the years.

Hope it's of interest.

Ps. We exported a Spitfire!
"We exported a Spitfire! " Hmm what else have they left in stores that we needed, and was it in working order , a kit or more like "recently withdrawn from service" ?
Numpty for posting twice , oh well 10 pm show parade it is then.
SM969? I thought that was sitting in a hangar at TFC, not exported?

Surprised the Spit. watchers missed that movement.
You sure it's not in Paul Allen's hangar? :D

Seems odd the UN describe it as an export, but it's still in bits on the floor at Duxford.

Especially as I understand they're now classifying antique warbirds as weapons over the pond.

If it is still at TFC , makes me wonder about the rest of that UN dossier.


Hmm...glad to see we have at least 3 'Amphibious Ships' some of the Navy floats then?



Obviously the Modern Army has to look after its kit not like those chaps in WWII and Korea who lost so much of it.................then again they did fine those returning from Dunkirk for losing their rifles so be warned that taxpayers don't expect things damaged - we must despatch a battalion of lawyers to sue for criminal damage - but it appears we are a bit short of Arabic there's a training course to volunteer for "Auditor + Arabic"

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