British Military Hospital, Heerstrasse, Berlin 1953

I will be visiting Berlin shortly and wondered if anyone knew the location of the British Military Hospital in Berlin. I know it was somewhere on Heerstrasse in 1953. I don't know if it's still there or if there's something else there now or ieven if the original building is still there.

I've Googled it but no luck, just a few passing references to it but no address......

Anyone know?


In 1953, the Berlin BMH was in Spandau. It moved to a new location in the mid 1960s. I think that it's near Dickens Weg, off Heer Strasse, and I believe that it's now a civvy hospital. I recently saw it on Google earth. So try entering "Dickens Weg, Berlin" on Google Earth and pan around that area until you see the biggst building in the vicinity. Good luck.
Thank you PirimaiBoy. Is it likely that there is anything left at Spandau now? Non-military person here.....


All the British Military pulled out of Berlin in the mid 90's. The only squaddies still there are in the Embassy. I've had a butchers on Google Earth and Wavell Bks is still there, but god knows for what use. Hesscoes looks like it's still there as well. One day I'll get around to having a proper trip down memory lane and visit Spandau again.


Yep, BMH Berlin was Dickensweg off the Heer Strasse. Great posting for a young Pte but not for his liver.

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