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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Galileo82, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience of the below? I have 8 weeks to get to AOSB standard and was thinking of joining this instead of going to the gym every day.

    Is it any good i.e. are you pushed, or is it just peolpe arsing around? I have read the testimonials on the site, but you never know with these things!?

    Thanks and regards,


    P.s. I am sure there is a post on this already, but cant find it.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    They are very good and it would be a good framework for your preparation. You really need to be training 4-5 days out of 7 to get up to AOSB standard in 8 weeks (assuming that you don't take much exercise right now, are healthy, the right weight etc) so you should look at doing other things - particularly running, swimming, core stability and upper body strength - alongside a once or twice a week session with British Military Fitness.
  3. Go for it G82, you most certainly will get pushed and they don't 'arrse' around.

    Tell the staff what your intentions are in a no bollox straightforward manner. You'll get the best advice from either a current serving or ex-serving PTI. Listen to what they have to stay, keep your head down, work hard during the session(s) and as you are paying for it........ ENJOY it!!
  4. Thanks Gents.

    I am training 4-5 times a week in the gym but the depression of treadmills and exercise bikes is getting too much, and now that the weather is getting better its time to get outside!!!

    As for the no bollox approach, good idea!


  5. Trail run mate

    Much more fun then treadmills (and more applicable).
    Plus, best time to run them is when its horrible out. Nice bit of rain is the best time to run
  6. Galileo,

    One of the Instructors in the Company is a mate if you want me to put you in contact with him? send me a PM...

  7. G82, Bin the treadmill, planet earth is what HM Forces use, it's inexpensive and in abundance, get used to being out in the rain and running in bad conditions as well as road work. Brit Mil Fit is good i know/have done an event run by Robin Cope and his men.
    Well worth it in your case and as has been mentioned, tell them your objectives and crack on!

  8. I put all my weight behind BMF. I went to them to help me get my fitness up and they do. And if you ask them to push you harder at the start of the lesson they will, well worth the money.

    I wish i could go back and train with them but i f**ked my legs in phase1 and cant do anything for at least 6 months :(
  9. I'm of the same opinion. Just make sure you have decent footware and not gay pumps!

  10. Personally I have a pair of asics and they haven't seen me wrong yet
  11. I notice there has been a catastrophic fall in the numbers getting beasted by BMF in the local park - ironically, that might be a good sign.
  12. This looks great!

    Has anyone used them in glasgow before?
  13. BritMilFit is very very very very very good.

    Very good.

    All the exercises are the kind that *you get out what you put in* so supermen and fatties can train together. If you tell them they are training for the forces they will push you HARD.

    I love BMF but I stopped going because I felt I needed to do more running-specific training. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of running, but not for any kind of distance, mainly sprints and the occasional half mile balls out run round the park.

    Its a good laugh and really good if your motivation is low because there will certainly be people at the same fitness level as you, and people much fitter who you can try and pace with to improve yourself.

    Well worth the money.

    I dont work for them, honest.

  14. Dear All

    Rather than start a new thread on the above, decided to add my input to this one.

    I came across these chaps helping out a charity at the weekend, packing bags in the local grocery emporium. I was halfway over to say hello and ask which regiment they were when I realised my error, as I noticed an odd assortment of stable belts, PTI belts etc.

    While I don’t doubt that they offer a very valid service and I accept that their “uniform” is a type of brand/marketing, it did seem a little odd for them be dressed in DPM and giving the impression of being a military organisation.

    I am certain that the general public and the shop staff were under the impression that BMF staff were “serving”.

    I was left with a little uneasiness about the general impression that was given by this activity, alternatively I could just be being too sensitive !!!

  15. Ditto for my location, PM me for names, locations, etc.