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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scavenger, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Found some old posts on British Military Fitness, but nothing recent, so here goes...

    I'm aware what British Military Fitness do, and I think it was started by some ex PTI's? Looks good anyway, and obviously has a niche in attracting people that enjoy training in that way - I can also see it being a good recruiting tool!

    My mate, a civvy, has been going to British Military Fitness in a park in Birmingham for over a year. Now my understanding was that some/all of the staff would be ex-PTI's and you'd to military style training - circuits, running, getting muddy, some shouting etc. We've been chatting, and although my mates not stupid, he actually thought British Military Fitness was part of the army. Turns out the staff claim they are currently in the army, one claims to be a crab (who would claim that?) and several are in/training for Them. Lets not forget a good number of the customers are young, female, and naive. He also says they staff dress as a PTI would - 95 trousers, boots, and gay vest. I told him bollocks. He went and told them that. They want me to pop along and meet them. I don't want my head smashed in.

    If these guys are in, how the feck do they manage to appear in Birmingham city centre 3 nights a week, week after week? How the feck do they get permission to have a second job? How the feck do they get permission to wear rig? Are they regular? TA? Ex? Walts?
  2. It does say on their website that they employ serving and former military staff check out the front page blurb

    oh yeah and good luck popping along to tell them "balls"
  3. A lot of them are serving TA.
  4. 2 lads from the ta unit i serve with work for bmf. and the black coats are on the top of the blag list :D
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If you look at the recruitment advert on their site it says;

    Job Opportunities

    Fitness Classes - Instructors

    Due to our continuing expansion we are always looking for additional Physical Training Instructors (PTI's) to join us on a part time basis in London and Nationwide for fitness classes and events.

    To qualify you must be Ex or Serving Armed Forces and hold a recognised fitness qualification (military or civilian) and /or adventure training qualifications eg MLT / SPA etc

    We are also looking for qualified instructors who would like to set up and run new venues. To see the kind of people we are after click on the video below.
  6. Why didn't I think to look on their website? Cheers for that!

    So it seems lots are serving. So again, how do they get permission for this? To wear uniform for their second job?

    With the TA - is it a case of the army qualify them as a PTI, then they work for BMF?

    Anyway, looks like they do a good job, and my mate enjoys it.

    I don't think I'll be taking up their offer of popping to see them!
  7. A lot of thier staff are 'ex forces' who are in other uniformed jobs i.e. Fire Service, etc (4 days on 4 days off/day manning etc) i.e. a lot of scope for a second job.

    They do dress very similar to MILITARY PTI (APTI/APTC) thier selling point, but have a different logo on their vests/ training tops.

    The Head Shed is a well respected ex Rupert.

    At least they are 'honest' in what they do, unlike some competitors, who claim to be something they are not. I believe even Jane Goody tried something similar!!

    I would only wish they would set up in Milton Keynes as the nearest locations to MK are to far to travel to/from after a beasting session.
  8. I imagine it's because of the huge amounts of free and very positive PR they generate for the forces.
  9. Not the British MILF I was hoping for.
  10. Not to mention a well-respected, serving Serjeant. ( hello maaaaate! )
  11. Interestingly enough the chap who is actually the top man is a serving TA inf colour sgt whos a mate of mine .
    He is often mistaken for a rupert due to his outrageously posh accent
    He a two others started the firm up with pooled amount of about 4 grand , it's now worth well into it's millions.
    They have carved out quite a niche Market and done very well.
    Should try going to their Xmas party 3 girls to every 1 bloke, a single chaps heaven.
    Now there's a soldiers initiative for you
  12. If he is a Colour Serjeant ( spelling, take two extras ) he will be getting the beers in ce soir.
  13. Mmmmaaaaaatttttteeeeee you are awesome I have fabloned pictures of you on my wall right next to the ones of me !
  14. Apologies to the riflemen indeed I will BB !
  15. I gather he has an incredible ability to torch an entire BGs HLS...